Pulling the Trigger

Because, you know, signing up for smaller races wasn’t getting me motivated…

That’s right folks, I pulled the trigger and registered for my half. I’d signed up for a 5k at the end of May and a 4 miler at the start of June and I still wasn’t getting out to run. I was reading Runner’s World and thinking about running, but when it comes to actually running I’ve been a huge slacker. So here’s to hoping I can change that.

I need an outlet right now and I’m hoping running can serve as that. There’s a variety of not so wonderful things going on in my family/personal life lately. It’s nothing I’m really willing to share on the blog, but it’s not fun – let’s just put it that way. Running, here’s to you! May you take my mind off of all this nonsense.

Hoping for some good progress and consistency. I don’t want to flounder horribly come September.

What do you do when you need to get your mind off of something?


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4 responses to “Pulling the Trigger

  1. Awesome – congrats! You’re going to rock it!!

    I usually busy myself with events, workouts, or cooking. “Relaxing” like reading, cleaning or watching TV just makes me think of it more!

  2. Woop woop! Rock it out lady! That was my first half ever 🙂

    I’m having a hard time getting shiz together too – must find motivation. I know it’s in here! Somewhere! xo

  3. I have sucked lately when it came to running too! But your post motivated me and I went for a fun after work today.

    I’m sorry things are rough for you lately. I’m thinking about you.

  4. Everything will work out with your personal/family life, hang in there!!

    I also run to get my mind off things. I am thinking about that race as well, but am not sure if I want to commit yet. I’ll let you know!

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