Pollen has me feeling icky again today. So, instead of an actual post, here are some of the things running around in my mind.

  • The dog is so much wilder when Husband isn’t around. It’s like he senses that he should be manic or something. Clearly, I love this.
  • I should never buy Easter candy. Even though, when I see it at the store, I’m sure I can eat it in moderation — this never works out.
  • I really wanted to run yesterday. But I ran errands in flip flops and subsequently rubbed skin off/created blisters on BOTH feet. Run was a no go after that.
  • After my facebook free Lent, I’m not that eager to spend time on there anymore. I like seeing people’s pictures but that’s about it.
  • I have this crazy desire to take a trip somewhere. Husband jokes that I want to travel every month – it’s true.
  • I wish I was doing more weight training. I need to make that a priority for May.
  • (Wait, is April really almost over?!)
  • I ordered Husband’s birthday gift (late May) and will possibly go crazy in the next month with trying not to tell him what it is.
  • Mansfield Park is still really not doing it for me. I’m holding out hope.
  • I wish my coffee lasted longer. I remember when a medium seemed huge! Now I go through a large in no time.
  • I am hungry. I guess it’s time for second breakfast!


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3 responses to “Observations

  1. 1) I find that Twitter – and the lives of mostly “strangers” is much more fascinating than FB. I find that I use FB really only to keep up with close friends who don’t live close, picture-wise.
    2) OMG April FLEW by! I’m over the showers, but not ready for more flowers. Allergies = death. However a zyrtec am and flonase pm routine is keeping me put together right now.
    3) Coffee – same boat.


  2. Nothing worse than a blister! My puppers are weird when Austin is gone too – they’re just like more on alert/jumpy like they think it’s him, or is it, and get themselves all into a tizzy!

  3. I also really want to incorporate more weights into my routine. I am not training for anything right now, so fitness took a back burner. With summer approaching, I somewhat regret that decision.

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