Can and Can’t

Things have been a little touch and go the past few days as I appear to have done something to my back? It had been a little achey in the mornings a little last week – I just assumed I was sleeping on it wrong? Tuesday and Wednesday it started to be more and more uncomfortable. Wednesday night, I (foolishly) took things into my own hands. 

It’s my lower back – right above my butt. It feels like around the base of my spine. I decided it was time to get on the floor and stretch that sucker out. So, I spent a considerable amount of time grimacing, touching my toes, and generally rolling around on the floor in ways I thought would stretch and “fix” my back.

Ha ha ha, the joke was on me. When I woke up Thursday morning my back felt horrible! A little internet research later and I discovered that touching your toes/that sort of stretching is one of the worst things you can do for lower back pain. WHOOPS! So I spent all day yesterday sitting on a heating pad (it’s currently affixed to my back right now) and generally trying not to bend at the waist.

Obviously running is out of the picture. My mother (who is a nurse = huge Mom win) has discouraged me from any jarring or twisting exercise. Walks are good as long as they’re low impact (aka I’m not hiking or bouldering). But I shouldn’t be doing anything vigorous enough to need to stretch afterwards (since we see how well stretching worked out a few days ago).

Sigh. So, here is a list of things I can and can’t do right now thanks to my back.

Can: Sit on the couch (for half an hour at a time), read, watch tv, pick things up by squatting down, enjoy a heating pad, dream about running again (yes, I actually want to run now that I can’t), walk.

Can’t: Sit (comfortably) for longer than half an hour, run, bend over at the waist, touch my toes, get up easily (I’m somewhat like an 80 year old woman when it comes to mobility right now).

With that, I’m off to reheat my heating pad. Things were a little better this morning so I’m hoping that tomorrow is also better. I’d love to be able to try and run again by the end of the week.


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3 responses to “Can and Can’t

  1. feel better!!

    Don’t feel bad, I would have done the exact same thing. I can actually picture myself rolling around on the floor like you described!

  2. Amanda

    Oh no! I’m sorry that your back got jacked up! Take care of yourself lady!

  3. oh boo – feel better soon – that’s awful. 😦 I hope the heating pad does its job! woo!

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