Hubs and I went to pick up our little hound dog yesterday afternoon. We’re so thrilled to have him home with us and Buddy seems pretty happy to be home too. Despite his pelvic fractures, he is eagerly bearing weight and walking with just a sling (a strip of towel looped under his belly) as a precaution. His little body is super sore and he’s on some decent pain killers. But, he’s no longer sedated or drugged really — he’s full of personality again and wagging his tail like a mad man. I hate that he’s hurting, but I’m so thrilled to see him on the mend.

I’m learning a lot in the process. Some of it funny, some of it not, but all of it is happening for a reason.

Lesson 1: My dog can find a pill in anything — treats, chicken, cheese, wet food, you name it. We’re having to just tip his head back, drop in the pill, and rub his throat until he swallows it.

Lesson 2: Hound care is taxing. I love this little guy and would do anything for him. Right now he requires a lot of labor and love. His care is definitely a two person job. Hubs has to go into work for a few hours tomorrow and I’m a little nervous about being alone with Buddy. I’m sure I’ll be fine but I don’t want to inadvertantly hurt the little man more.

Lesson 3: Doggy healthcare is expensive. I mean, serious dollar signs. However, the providers are SO MUCH nicer and easier to deal with than people healthcare. Both hospitals, both sets of vets, and both groups of vet techs are wonderful. They gave us so much information, answered all our questions, and have been so kind. It makes it easier to spend the money knowing we’re really getting a lot of value for it.

Lesson 4: Animal Insurance. I’m not kidding. I’d never heard of it until we adopted Buddy. It was recommended by one of the women who interviewed us prior to his adoption. She said that most dogs will, at some point, eat something they shouldn’t, hurt themselves, get into an accident, get sick, something. Hubs and I never wanted to be in a position where we had to decide whether or not to give our little guy the best care possible because of money. So, we gladly pay about $30 a month for pet insurance. This may have been the best money we’ve spent in a LONG time. Buddy’s little experience cost multiple thousands of dollars. With our insurance, after we meet our deductible they will reimburse us for 90% of our expenses. That turned several thousand dollars into just several hundred dollars. I cannot tell you how relieved I am. Also, like animal healthcare — animal insurance people are awesome and so helpful.

Lesson 5: We have awesome friends. Hubs and I have received so much kindness from our friends and from sheer strangers. In fact, two strangers picked up our dog walker (who was with Buddy when he was hit) and Buddy immediately after he was hit and drove him to the hospital. I wish I knew who they were so I could say thank you. Really, I am overwhelmed with the amount of love, support, prayers, and kind words we’ve received from friends, family, the blog world, and strangers. We are so, so appreciative and Buddy is too.

Lesson 6: Sleeping on the floor beside the dog crate can actually be comfortable with enough pillows and blankets. I slept hard for five hours last night curled up by the crate to make sure I would hear him if he woke up.

The good news is that, with every hour, Buddy seems stronger and more comfortable. He is far more relaxed tonight and really seems to enjoy being at home. I can’t wait to come back soon with even more good news about his continued recovery. 🙂


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3 responses to “Recovering

  1. I’m so glad he’s okay and recovering at home with you all. So crazy this happened. The kindness of strangers – very cool. So funny he can find his pills! We stick ours in those beefy pill pockets and the pups gobble them up. Then again, you can put Reuben’s in his food dish and he eats it like dry food. Sigh – our dogs just aren’t very perceptive. Anywho, keep up the good work taking care of your pup – sending positive thoughts your way!

  2. EGL

    It’s so great to hear that Buddy’s on the mend. Killer and I sat and prayed for him (and you!) tonight, so you are getting plenty of love here!

  3. SO glad to hear that Buddy is doing better and you got him home. I’m thinking of him and you guys! xo

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