Taking Advantage

I love a good deal. Seriously, love it. So, I love getting emails from LivingSocial (and Groupon). You never know what they’re going to give you!


We’ve purchased several restaurant deals through the two sites. It seriously feels like a free meal (aside from tax and tip) when you go out since you’ve already paid for the deal. A couple months ago, Hubs and I saw a deal for Arganica. According to their (drool-worthy) website:

Arganica is the mid-Atlantic’s premier locally sourced food club. Joining Arganica gives you year-round access to an amazing variety of local farm-fresh, artisan and organic foods delivered directly to your door every week. Our aim is to bring you the freshest and widest selection of offerings from our local producer network, while saving you time and money. We think buying local should be easy…not work!

The deal we purchased included a three month membership, two local crates (filled with whatever is freshest), and a $25 credit. Earlier this week, when we found out that we would be staying in town for the long weeked with Buddy, we decided to order our first crate for Sunday delivery. So, bright and early Sunday (almost 6:30 am on the nose) the Arganica delivery guy called to hand over our first crate!

Opening that crate was like fresh food Christmas morning!

Contained within our crate: Kale and Rainbow Chard from Lady Moon Farms, four delicious looking peaches, two pears, two plums, two lemons, two oranges, three purple potatoes (!!!), a yellow onion,  a purple onion, and four large heirloom tomatoes. Not bad considering the fact that this crate is only $25!! I feel like someone did half my grocery shopping for me and brought back all kinds of surprises. Oh, and check this out, you can order just about EVERYTHING through Arganica. You name it, everything from produce to fresh meat, milk, other dairy products, honey, breads, beer, etc. It really is amazing how much locally sourced deliciousness they’ll bring to your door.

So, this morning over coffee we made our menu for the week. With very little planning, we’ll be able to use every since delicious bite of fresh produce. I already cannot wait to order our next crate!




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  1. All of that sounds delicious!! I am seriously jealous of your heirloom tomatoes!

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