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I Love June

Why is that? Because June brings my Birthday! It’s today, in fact! 🙂 I love birthdays and 26 is not disappointing!

It’s also a new month (and the halfway mark on the year). So, let’s see how I did in May…
1. Create half marathon training plan.
Check! I’ve been just about on pace with my long runs, but my overall weekly distance is NOT where it should be.
2. Complete six strength training work outs (2/6)
Obviously I, once again, slacked off here. I’m finding it very hard to make time in my workout schedule of runs to strength train, but I know it’s key to a successful race and fitness program. Sigh.
3. Read six books (6/6) 
Check! I’m reading about five simultaneously right now…
4. Of those six, read two classics (1/2) [Mansfield Park] and one non-fiction (2/1) [Bossy Pants, The House on First Street] 
Okay, so I didn’t read two classics and one non-fiction. Instead I read one classic and two non-fictions. I think that counts!
5. Beat my previous 5k time during this month’s 5k.
Going into this race, I was worried about finishing. But, I actually PR’ed! My new 5k best is 34:39. Onward and upward!
6. Eat at 3 new restaurants (3/3) [Lincoln – DC, Captain Billy’s Crab House – Southern MD, Eventide – Arlington]
While I visited three new places, I only had a drink at Eventide. I’m still gonna count it though!
7. Be more consistent with blogging! Post at least 16 times this month. (4/16) 
Toot toot! Here comes the fail boat… I suck at blogging lately. I think this is because my laptop doesn’t recognize the wireless in our apt anymore. I have live writer on that computer too. Our desktop is slowly dying and takes FOREVER to load pages. The combo = very little blogging motivation.

On Deck for June:
1. Get my mileage up! (0/4)
Right now, my training plan has me running 15 miles a week in addition to my long run. I’m definitely not there and I need to work on it! I will be aiming to run 10-15 miles each week.
2. Weight train (at least once a week). (0/4)
This is totally doable. If I don’t want to weight train and run on the same day, all I have to do is get myself into the gym or in front of the TV with my kettle bell ONE TIME a week. Do it, Anna. You will thank yourself.
3. Read three books that are non-fiction or classics. (0/3)
Again, trying to keep my reading varied. Hubs got me a Kindle for my birthday and I’ve downloaded some of the free classics. Hopefully that will help!
4. Get Laptop fixed. Seriously, Anna. 
I just need to take that sucker to best buy or something and get someone to tell me why the computer knows the wireless is there but refuses to connect to the internet.
(While I’m there, I should probably buy an external hard drive to back up our failing desktop…)
5. Make a savings plan for summer fun trips.
Hubs and I are fortunate to be going away for at least a weekend in July, August, and September. Super stoked for that, but since money doesn’t grow on trees we need to figure out how we’re going to pay for all this.
6. Make four new recipes. (0/4)
I cooked up a storm last month and want to keep that going! Being in the kitchen is becoming more and more relaxing for me.

Well, that should keep me busy for a month… especially considering everything else that’s going on!
– My 26th Birthday!!!
– Awesome friends (Dan and Kelly) move into our building
– Crawfish Boil with the Louisiana State Society
– Husband in Boston for a week
– Hosting book club ladies
– 4 Mile Twilight Race (my first four miler ever!)
– Finishing one project at work and simultaneously starting another

Hold on y’all! I have a feeling it’s gonna be a good month!

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MAY-jor Disbelief

Please insert my problems with grasping the fact that it is already May here.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way… You know that new months bring new goals!

A quick look back at April:

1. Be ready to start half-marathon training (aka be able to run three miles with minimal walking breaks). Sadly, I can’t report a lot of excellence here. I did get my 5k time down to where I wanted it — but that was with a lot of walking mixed in. I’m happy because I know my time will decrease as I run more but I’m pretty disappointed I didn’t make this more of a priority. I’m putting together my training plan this weekend and know that I need to get serious fast or I will be woefully unprepared come race day. 

2. Complete 6 strength training work outs. (3/6) [Modified KB workout from Women’s Health, Abs and Arms on 4/15, Arms and Shoulders on 4/20] Obviously, another work out fail. I need to get on track with all this — no wonder my weight loss progress has been stagnant. I’ll definitely be revisiting this for May.

3. Make 3 more new recipes, including something to share. (5/3) [Spanish Egg and Potato Tortilla, Lentil Stew, Kelly’s Chicken Curry in a Hurry, Homemade Stovetop Paninis, Emily’s Surprise Muffins] I excelled at eating and cooking this month! I wish I was as good at sticking to work outs as I was about cooking! Stovetop Paninis were probably the biggest winner here — so many variations to make delicious, easy dinners. Very pleased that we finally got to use ANOTHER wedding gift (stove top panini press).

4. Read 5 books, for real this time! (6/5) Another success! Nice to make up some ground from last month.

5. One of these books should be a classic. (1/1) I gave up on finishing Mansfield Park in April and focused on Anne of Green Gables. Success!

6. Stick to our weekly budgets. (2/5) Perhaps not so great here. We did better than March, but I’d like us to be a lot better about sticking to our weekly budget.


What’s on tap for May? (So glad you asked!)
1. Create half marathon training plan – Meeting with my “team” this weekend to put a training plan together!
2. Complete six strength trainin work outs (0/6) – No excuses. Half Marathon training means I need to build some muscle in order to carry my body more efficiently!
3. Read six books (1/6) – I have SO MANY library books out right now that I need to plow through!
4. Of those six, read two classics (1/2) [Mansfield Park] and one non-fiction (0/1) – This should go fairly easily since I finished one classic at the start of the month and our book club pick is non-fiction. Hooray for working toward my goal of diversifying my reading!
5. Beat my previous 5k time during this month’s 5k – My first 5k was run in absolutely horrid conditions. I’m hoping to do much better this time!
6. Eat at 3 new restaurants – slightly counterintuitive to following our budgets, but I’m tired of being stuck in a rut getting Chipotle or to go from Whole Foods. Then, at the end of the week it feels like we didn’t really enjoy our meals out even though we had a few of them. I’d rather eat out less and try out new places!
7. Be more consistent with blogging! Post at least 16 times this month. (1/16) Self explanatory! I love comments and reading other blogs, etc so I need to post more and be consistent!

In other news, I think my back is really on the mend! I was able to touch my toes last night without wanting to scream so that’s a huge victory. Hopefully I’ll be able to go for a little run this weekend and start weight training again as well.

What are you aiming to do this month? Do you have any races or big events coming up?

Oh, and if you live in the DC area — anyone want to help me try some new restaurants?! 🙂

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Treadmill Rage

Oh the joy of crowded apartment gyms post New Years. It has always been my opinion that people who have been working out prior to New Years should have first priority on machines after New Years. I’m thrilled for people embarking on new exercise programs. I love to see folks taking charge of their health and making good changes. But, dammit, don’t throw me off my training/work out schedule!

I had my first case of Treadmill Rage for 2010 earlier this week. I gave myself two days off after the 5k with Blair. So, Wednesday rolled around and I was gunning for a run. (Wait, whoa, who is this Anna? Excited to run??) Tom and I get down to the gym; it boasts four treadmills. One treadmill was broken and the other three were taken. I hoped on an elliptical to “warm up” and hoped someone would finish on the treadmill to at least give me enough time to properly calibrate my nike+.

About four minutes into my work out, I realize that two of the three treadmill folks are more than 30 minutes into their work out. Every gym I’ve ever been to has “gym rules” which involve limiting your workout to 30 minutes when others are waiting. So, I start to get a little frustrated. 15 minutes into my work out, the first person gets off. Another girl (who was waiting before me) got on. Still frustrated Anna on the elliptical. Finally, twenty minutes into my work out, a second person gets off (he had logged 50 minutes so I didn’t feel bad at all). Thankfully I was able to swoop in and grab that treadmill. Otherwise, I felt like we were quickly approaching the point where I would stand, fists clenched and red faced in front of the line of treadmills demanding that someone get off and allow me to run a stinking 3/4 mile to calibrate my nike+.

I ran my 3/4 and got off the treadmill efficiently so that no one else had to suffer treadmill rage. Y’all seriously, come to the gym, work out, sweat, do what you need to do. But if the gym is packed, finish within 30-40 minutes. Otherwise, you’ll have someone huffing and puffing (not from exertion) on an elliptical behind you…

Treadmill rage aside, I’ve had a decent set of runs this week. I haven’t logged a lot of distance and haven’t run as many times as I would have liked. But, I’m still going (even though I’m not signed up for another race) and that’s a huge step for me. Three “runs” (including the 3/4mi calibration run) yielded about 5.35mi this week. Friday I ran a 5k around 33:30. I feel vindicated after my brutal, windy 5k last weekend.

The Nike+ challenges I set for myself are currently taunting me. While I’m doing leaps and bounds better than I ever have, the output reads are telling me: more, more, more! I don’t think I’ll meet my calorie burn goal, but I should exceed my mileage goal and either meet (or come soooo close to meeting) my number of runs goal! Hopefully I can get a few runs in over the next couple days and make these things happen.

For now, I suppose I should pick another run to sign up for. I’m working on corraling Tom into running the 2/13 5k but he’s sick right now, so my persuasion isn’t going so well. If nothing else, there’s the GW Parkway 5k which I intended to run last year and definitely want to run this year. Any suggestions?

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The final countdown

Today is my last run before Sunday’s 5k. The weather has cleared up slightly outside and I saved my ipod from the  freeze screen of doom, so I’m feeling pretty confident right now.

Tuesday I came home from work and tackled the treadmill. It was a little more of a mind game this time. I found myself becoming bored with the treadmill. Up until that point, whenever people told me they hated running on the treadmill compared to outside, I thought they were crazy. Yes, the treadmill is easier, but it’s also more boring. You’re not seeing anything new and you’re not getting anywhere. Boredom and all, my total running distance was 3.25! And, I never once had one of those “I really hate my life, let’s stop running” moments! Victory!!

Two things pumping me up for the run today:  (1) early release from work means I can start my run around 12:45 instead of 5:30, and (2) I bought some new music online and created a running playlist on my ipod. No more listening to T.I. on repeat. His songs were starting to automatically make my legs feel heavy. I’m hoping new music variety will add to my run today.

My only hesitation: water. I’m drinking a lot now. However, I don’t own a squirt bottle. I was supposed to go to the store last night, but getting home late from work nixed that. I’m hoping to run errands after the run and pick up running toys (headband, gloves, jacket, waterbottle, etc) also. However, I currently have to make do with what I have — which is a lot of wide mouthed nalgene bottles. I’m sure I’ll end up wearing more water than I get into my mouth.

One final question — anyone know how I’m supposed to spit when I run? I realized Saturday that it was essential to me actually feeling good on a run. Cause, really, who wants to run with thick saliva floating along in their mouth? I always spit into grass as opposed to hocking huge nasty globs onto the pavement for someone else to step on. However, if anyone has any tips on spitting with “grace” or on cutting back the number of times you need to spit — I would appreciate it. (Hooray awkward running questions!)

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Mind Games

Running is completely mental for me. I have to be in the right state of mind. Otherwise, it’s harder than it already is.

Knowing that I had 2.5 miles straight staring me in the face after work, I was trying to harness my chi, etc. all day long. I suppose it worked as I champed the 2.5, had a short walking break and then finished my 5k distance with another .25mi.

Two very exciting points from today’s work out:
(a) I am .4 mi away from being able to run a 5k straight without walking, and
(b) My 5k time today was 34:10!!!

Oh yes, that’s right, even with walking almost half a mile, my 5k time is already under my goal. However, I still need to tackle that whole running outside thing. That’s on my list for the holidays. Hopefully by the time I return from Atlanta (a week before the 5k), I will be able to run the 5k outside with no problem.

2.5 today: check! Next workout (Thursday, if last minute errands permit): running 3.1 mi in some combo (either straight or circuit). Time for more mental pep talks!

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