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Oh, hi!

I’m absolutely the worst blogger ever. Ever, ever, ever. Well, maybe not the worst, but I certainly don’t qualify as a blogger when I don’t actually blog…

I mentioned in my last post that our adorable little dog has entirely unsettled our lives – in the best way possible. Couple that with holidays and a smattering of work travel and you get over a month without an actual blog post, more than one REAL workout, and seeing far fewer people than I’d like to. I’m trying hard to get back into an actual schedule again and get back on board with blogging and working out. I make no promises, but the desire is definitely there.

I’ve got a lot stored up in my noggin’ also: things I want to do in 2011, races to run, books I’ve been plowing through, yummy things I’ve been eating and making, and (of course) doggy hijinks!

Hubs and I are in Atlanta for the holidays. I’m in the process of doing some serious Christmas shopping, trying to see as many people as possible, and enjoying some time with family. We head back to DC next Monday and then the Monday after, I head out on a little work travel that I’m rather excited about!!

So, for now, I leave you hanging again (if anyone still reads). But, there is more to come. I promise!

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Lurking on my camera

In looking to upload my pictures from our little get-away this weekend, I stumbled upon about three months of pictures. So instead of telling you about my run right now (it was awesome) or detailing our amazing weekend away, I bring you pictures!

Early Fall 2010 036
Hubs enjoying Dan and Kelly’s annual Luau.

Early Fall 2010 143
Things got a little out of control/an 80s and early 90s dance party broke out.
Early Fall 2010 161
Hooray Luau! (Me, Hubs, Tim, Andrew, Sarah, Dan, and Kelly)

I took a work trip to Atlanta.
Early Fall 2010 179
(Yes, this is the view from my hotel room.)

And then to New Orleans.
Early Fall 2010 188
True Story. Middle of the Day & PASSED OUT!

Early Fall 2010 192
Fell in love with beignets and chicory coffee.

Oh, and VA Beach was awesome!
Early Fall 2010 206
Early Fall 2010 214
Early Fall 2010 210

Okay y’all, that’s enough for tonight. (Well, maybe one more.)

Early Fall 2010 217

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A Weekend of Delight (once we got there…)

Well hi there! When I last left you all I was intending to jet off to the airport, pop into a steel death canister (plane), and make my way to Atlanta to (among other things) celebrate my delightful Mama’s birthday. Best laid plans, right?

Thursday afternoon the DC area got hit with a mega severe thunderstorm. We’re talking — looked like nighttime at 2:30 style storm. Being a 7 year old in a woman’s body, I gathered my coworkers into the breakroom and we watched the storm roll in. It was a nice break from work, but immediately I started wondering about my flight: would it be delayed? Would the bad weather continue?

I left work in a brief break between the downpours and scuttled to the train station. Chaos ensued. Turns out that the stop just before my home stop sustained some damage during the storm. It was enough damage to require trains to share one track. At rush hour. Joy! My forty minute commute turned into two hours. Luckily, while I sat in tunnels, my flight was delayed an hour. Otherwise, I was worried I wouldn’t make it home in time to grab my bags and then retrace my stops on the train to the airport. When I finally arrived to my home station, I sprinted from the train to the apartment, executed the fastest change and bag grab known to man and caught the next train back toward town. I even sprinted the broken (of course) escalator with my bag. I was wonderfully sweaty! Be proud!

I stepped off the train at the airport just as Hubs was calling me. Calling me for what, you ask? Ah, yes, calling me to tell me that the flight I had stressed over and hustled for was canceled. I went inside, met him and we joined the line of about 200 other unfortunate souls that Delta had canceled. A friend of ours who travels a lot for work recently gave us some very helpful advice that I want to pass along. It seems like common sense, but you’d be surprised! If your flight is canceled or you miss it, get in line at the ticket counter to rebook but don’t just stand there — use your phone! You can almost always get someone to help you on the phone faster than waiting in line.

Luckily, this was the case for us. Instead of spending hours in line with a ton of grumpsters, I got us rebooked on the earliest possible flight out (leaving from another area airport early Friday am) and we peaced out. Ta ta lines! Hubs and I went home, grabbed dinner, and passed out. We spent the next morning approximating the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles as we: walked to the train station, took a train into town, caught a bus to the airport, took a plane to Atlanta, and then rode home in a family member’s car. Oi!

Our trip to Atlanta was really wonderful though. I never feel like we have enough time there. We spent Friday out in the Virginia Highlands with a group of friends. Saturday, my Stepfather and I shopped for my Mama’s birthday, I met my (sorority) little sister for delectable froyo at Menchie’s (amazing – if you have one nearby, you must go!), and my parents met up with Hubs’ Parents, Hubs’ Brother and Girlfriend, and another of our groomsmen for a delicious homecooked meal. Sunday involved another sorority sister (my big and her ADORABLE 3.5lb puppy), iced coffee, Cheesecake Factory Gluttony (shameful, but amazing), a shopping trip to Kohl’s and another homecooked meal with friends.

My Mama’s birthday was Monday morning and we celebrated with a breakfast of leftover cheesecake. Not at all the most nutritious meal, but we had fun! Then, we went for a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood to stave off our cheesecake guilt. Following our walk, we had lunch at one of my favorite places in Atlanta: The Flying Biscuit. Everything on the menu is delectable and so much care goes into the food. I try to go at least once every time I’m in Atlanta! Sadly, that wound our Atlanta trip down and Mama took Hubs and I to the train station to say goodbye. Our flight back into DC was just fine until landing. I swear I thought our plane was going to crash on the National Mall. Not fun — this girl was THRILLED to be back on the ground!

Grocery shopping last night ate up anytime to workout, but tonight I am making my glorious return to the gym! I’m really looking forward to some cardio and weights — that cheesecake is still weighing heavily on my mind.

What was the worst thing you ate this weekend? Mine was definitely that breakfast cheesecake, ha ha ha!

Are you looking forward to any upcoming trips? Hubs and I are eyeing a beach vacay at the end of September when prices go down. I can’t wait to devour some seafood. We’re also already looking forward to our next trip to Atlanta for Thanksgiving. I suppose I shouldn’t start counting down to that yet!


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