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Brain Dump Round II

Hello There! We’re back from VA Beach and I’m not feeling that great so we’ll make this short and sweet. (More to come soon!)

1. Have you ever had a charley horse in your neck/throat? This sounds really weird — but it’s horrible. I had one last night and I felt like my throat was going to tear in half. Maybe that’s why my throat hurts today? Any idea what might cause this?

2. VA Beach (more the town, less the beach) was great. Good Eats: Taste, Kyushu, Aloha Hawaiian BBQ, and Lynnhaven Fish House. I love our little get aways — they always make me feel so relaxed!

3. Absolutely gorgeous weather! We saw tons of people on Sunday afternoon when we made it out to the beach for a little walk. It was just south of 80 and sunny all weekend. Color me delighted (and fortunately not sunburned).

4. Hubs heads to Bean Town for work Tuesday and comes back Friday. Having the apartment to myself is always nice but I also miss him like crazy. I have a knitting date with Blair and happy hour/dinner plans with girls from work. Hopefully this will keep me from sitting in the house wondering why it’s so quiet.

5. I finally finished Anna Karenina. I refused to take it with me to VA Beach so I wrapped that sucker up on Thursday night. So, so happy to finish that thing. Review coming soon. Now I’m reading our book club book: Little Bee.

Okay, time for another Halls and maybe a nap. I hope you all have a nice weekend!

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Brain Dump

It has been a hot minute and I’ve got so much stuffed in my little head. I don’t wanna overwhelm y’all so I’m gonna try to pull some of it together into a list.

1. Work Success – I survived a week of travel. It was touch and go there for a little bit, but I made it through. I also came back to a promotion — whoop whoop! And, Hubs is now a full-time, full-benefits employee. We’re moving up in the world around here.

2. Glee – I watched the first two episodes of season 1 last night. Love it! I can’t wait to watch more. I don’t know if Netflix will get them here fast enough. I feel like I’ve lived in a TV void for a few years. (What have I been watching?!) On the to-watch list: Mad Men, Modern Family, Gossip Girl Season 3, Glee, Office Season 6, Friday Night Lights.

3. Eats- I’m so glad to not be on travel anymore because of this. I was so veggie deprived last week. It was suprisingly hard to find good eats. I was in some strange situations which left me restricted in what I could eat. There were a lot of forced convenience choices. My body rejoiced with the first green smoothie after a long week of carbs and starch.

4. Fall – My favorite season! It really feels like it now. So many excellent things are coming up soon and I can barely contain my excitement. I can’t wait until sweatshirts are necessary.

5. Runs – Yes, the cool weather is back which means I’ll be sweating it out on the streets of Old Town again soon. I just cannot run in the heat. I’m sure it’s possible, but I never want to dislike my workouts so I try to stick to other stuff during the summer months. Fall = the return of running!

6. Blogger Meet Up – I’ve never done this before, but recently Emily of The Front Burner moved to my hood. I’m new to her blog, but she seems amazing. I mean, I would be a bad blogger if I didn’t meet up with folks that live literally down the street. I suppose I’m just always worried people will think I’m loud or overly chatty. I’m just southern, y’all…

Okay, that’s enough for now. Hopefully I can grab some time tomorrow to sneak in an actually entry as opposed to a list. Oh, and HOW is it mid-September?!

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