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Pollen has me feeling icky again today. So, instead of an actual post, here are some of the things running around in my mind.

  • The dog is so much wilder when Husband isn’t around. It’s like he senses that he should be manic or something. Clearly, I love this.
  • I should never buy Easter candy. Even though, when I see it at the store, I’m sure I can eat it in moderation — this never works out.
  • I really wanted to run yesterday. But I ran errands in flip flops and subsequently rubbed skin off/created blisters on BOTH feet. Run was a no go after that.
  • After my facebook free Lent, I’m not that eager to spend time on there anymore. I like seeing people’s pictures but that’s about it.
  • I have this crazy desire to take a trip somewhere. Husband jokes that I want to travel every month – it’s true.
  • I wish I was doing more weight training. I need to make that a priority for May.
  • (Wait, is April really almost over?!)
  • I ordered Husband’s birthday gift (late May) and will possibly go crazy in the next month with trying not to tell him what it is.
  • Mansfield Park is still really not doing it for me. I’m holding out hope.
  • I wish my coffee lasted longer. I remember when a medium seemed huge! Now I go through a large in no time.
  • I am hungry. I guess it’s time for second breakfast!


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Ready for it!

Good Morning Folks!

The pollen has abated marginally so I’m feeling much better. Also making me feel better, the reintroduction of CHEESE into my life! That’s right folks, Lent is over and cheese is back on!

Hubs and I celebrated Easter with a yummy brunch at Alexandria’s Evening Star Cafe, lots of baking/cooking on my part for the week, and a Mac and Cheese dinner I’ve wait a month and a half for!

Source: http://www.wisconsinmommy.com
Truffle Mac and Cheese from Noodles and Company!

I could have handled more cheese, but really, it hit the spot! Yesterday I also had: quiche made with grueyre (among other things), grits with cheese, and numerous cheese samples at Whole Foods. I fully intend to continue my cheese domination today as well.

Yesterday’s kitchen creations were another round of Rachel’s Spring Chicken Cups (I’m eating one right now on a toated english muffin) and Emily’s Surprise Muffins. Both were excellent successes! Last time I made the spring chicken cups, I overcooked them and didn’t add enough veggies/flavor. This time they are bursting with onion, garlic, chives, spinach, and some cheese (of course). Love! The Surprise Muffins have been declared by the Husband his FAVORITE muffins ever! I drifted from Emily’s vegan take and used cow’s milk, an egg, etc. For my “filling” I tried out Crofter’s Superfruit North American Spread. I’ve wanted an excuse to give this a try for a while and found the muffins to be the perfect venue for them. I’ll be making another two batches of these muffins tomorrow for my work’s bake off! I also can’t wait to try them with other fillings. Yum!

Training runs are going fairly well. I’m still having some trouble motivating myself but I keep telling myself I really have no choice now! That seems to be working pretty well. What’s not going well, is my attempts at reading a classic this month. I picked Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park as it is the last full Jane Austen novel I have to read. I am not really enjoying it and find it very slow. I’m at the halfway point and just now starting to see a glimmer of an actual plot. Come on Jane Austen, don’t let me down now!

My coffee and muffin/egg breakfast has come to an end, so it’s back to work with me. How was your Easter? And, what have you been cooking up lately?


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Hot Saturday Night In

That’s right folks, coming to you live from my HOT Saturday night in! Actually, it’s nice not to have anything to do. I’ve got Pandora queued up and a little dog for company.

I worked on a new recipe this evening. It’s another from the Test Kitchen Slowcooker Revolution book — I love that thing! This is a breakfast recipe – a sausage and potato Spanish Tortilla. I was super excited to find an egg recipe that didn’t call for copious amounts of cheese. The apartment smells awesome right now, but I have come to the conclusion that I would never make it as a prep cook. I’m absolutely slow as molasses when it comes to chopping and dicing, etc. I always forget how slow I am because Husband is usually around to help. Ha ha ha! Oh well, as long as the end result is good…

I finished up curious incident of the dog in night time  this evening also. It was an interesting reading experience. If you haven’t  read it, the story is told by an autistic teenager. You get some intriguing insight into all his quirks and compulsions. I enjoyed that the chapter numbers are all prime numbers. It was kind of like reading Room since the narrator isn’t “fully developed” like in most books.

I’m beat this evening! Today had lots of errands, a minor stint of helping a friend move, and making muffins in addition to the Spanish tortilla. (I certainly hope this is as good as it smells!) Husband is over at a friend’s tonight for guys’ night so I’m going to take advantage of having the apartment to myself and watch a little trashy tv. Y’all have a good night!

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Favorites and Variations

It’s no secret breakfast is one of my favorite meals of the day. So many things fit into the category of breakfast food and, for the most part, cooking breakfast delights are less intimidating to me. As a part of my goal to cook more, I rolled up my sleeves and got busy in the kitchen this morning.

I made mini veggie frittatas (onion, chive, garlic and spinach) ala Brie and Rachel. Hubs says they’re delicious and I enjoyed them too – I can see these featuring in my breakfast a lot soon. You cook them up in a muffin pan so they’re super easy to pre-cook and take along for an easy breakfast during the week.

Holidays 001

I also wanted something sweet, so I put together those delicious looking muffins you can also see in the picture above. Orange spice banana bread to be exact! I nicked the recipe from our “New Best Recipe” Test Kitchen Cookbook. (I seriously love this thing, and it’s HUGE!) It’s a basic banana bread recipe just adding orange zest, fresh nutmeg and cinnamon. Holy yum! I thought I loved banana bread? I love these even more!

Holidays 003

Hubs and I have a nice, relaxing day planned: a trip to the dog park, a walk, some reading for me/video game playing for him, and then spending some time with good friends later. Sounds like the perfect day to me! Soon I’ll have two Anthony Bourdain book reviews for you guys – I love that man.

To close, I’ll leave you with two gratuitous hound pictures. You guys can see how much he has grown!
Early December
Holidays 006
Mid-January 2011

(Please excuse my busted, baggy eyes look!)

Buddy says that if you live in Old Town (or nearby) and/or you have a dog, he’d love to meet up and play! Also, Happy Saturday!


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Why I love Cereal

I’ve always been a sucker for HUGE bowls of cereal. Admittedly, I will overfill my bowl with milk just so I can have an excuse to go back for more cereal. I left cereal behind after college and I’m sad about that — especially when there are so many delicious options. I’m trying to bring it back, in moderation of course.

A year or so ago when I started reading healthy living blogs like Meghann’s and Caitlin’s I had never considered the idea of cereal mixed with yogurt. I mean, really, yogurt? But, I tried it and was hooked! It’s my go to summer breakfast during the weekdays. I loooooove fresh fruit, cold yogurt and a little sweet crunch.

My most favorite new cereal find comes from Kashi: GoLean Crisp! Toasted Berry Crumble. This tasty find has decent stats too. A serving is 3/4 of a cup (the perfect size to compliment my berries and stonyfield yogurt) and contains:

  • 190 cals
  • 4g fat
  • 8g Fiber
  • 9g Protein

I think it’s love! What’s your favorite thing for breakfast right now?


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