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Staying Tough, Mentally

It’s almost August – I really don’t know where July went. I suppose I spent it logging miles, nursing my little hound, and teleworking a lot.

As of August 4, I have exactly a month until my Half! I’m excited and looking forward to the challenge. The miles we’ve been logging (seven last weekend, six the weekend before, and five the weekend before that) have bolstered my confidence. Yet, I’m also scared out of my mind. 13.1 miles is a long way. I felt so accomplished last Saturday when we finished our seven mile run. As I cooled off and walked home with Hubs, both sipping our iced coffees, I realized that we will be running 6.1 MORE miles on the day of the race. Right now, that feels inconceivable.

I know I’ve come a long way during training. Where I am now, two miles, three miles, even four miles don’t seem like long runs anymore. These are no longer “stretch” workouts for me — instead they’re my evening runs. It’s what I do when I get home from work. I love that feeling and it’s so nice to see what my body can do. Around Memorial Day, I was worried about finishing a 5k. A month before that, I could have maybe run one mile (if chased). I really love the level of fitness I’m working toward. I love that I’m healthy enough to get out and sweat after a long day at work. It’s nice to know I’m pushing myself again.

I’m trying hard to stay positive and motivated. I try not to think about the mileage increases each Saturday. I just think about the next mile. However, I do catch myself sometimes thinking about Saturday’s long run in “how in the world am I gonna do that?!?!” terms. But, I get out and I do it. Having Hubs with me is super helpful and really spurs me on to keep running. I really enjoy the time we get to spend together on our runs. Even when we devolve into grunts and panted questions about which direction we’re going next, seeing him running beside me motivates me to keep going.

Have you trained for a distance race? How do you stay mentally tough during training? On race day? I’ll take all the advice I can get!!

Also, y’all, I am suffering from the worst planning mistake ever! My passionate love of college football (especially my alma mater, the University of Georgia) has collided with this race I’ve been planning for the past seven months. I failed to look at a football schedule. 😦 Georgia’s season opener, at the Georgia Dome, Saturday night prime time, on ESPN, is the night before my half. *Insert huge sigh here* I anticipate struggles sleeping anyway, so maybe it will be nice to have the tv on in the background as I try to fall asleep? Or, there’s always the chance I get sucked in, get worked up, and get little to no sleep the night before I run 13.1 miles. If that happens (and if we lose) I will be VERY, VERY cranky. All right, I’m done being melodramatic. It’s one football game, but I’m committed y’all!

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I get so emotional, baby

Growing up, I totally thought my stuffed animals had feelings. I thought they felt neglected when I slept with one of them over the others and I cried when I had to give any of them away to Goodwill. My parents have pictures of little me with SO MANY stuffed animals in the bed that there’s barely room for me. So, yes, I’m sentimental.

Meeting puppies on Saturday was heart breaking. I wanted to take all of them home and love them. Our first choice was the little guy we posted a picture of yesterday. Right now, his name is Christopher Robin. They asked us for a second choice so we picked his litter mate: a little girl puppy with brown and white fur named Piglet. She was so mellow and snuggly too. Plus, with a name like Piglet you have to love her. There was also a slightly older dog (11 months) named Hoppy that we considered.

So, since I’m anxiously awaiting an email from the adoption agency about our home visit, I checked their web site. Christopher Robin has adoption pending beside his name now!!! However, poor sweet little Piglet is the only puppy from the litter who doesn’t have a pending adoption. Perhaps I’m slightly horomonal or tired or something, but just thinking about that makes me want to cry. Who wouldn’t want that adorable animal? My Mom and Hubs have reassured me that she will no doubt be scooped up by a wonderful family soon. I know Hart works really hard to get these animals wonderful homes, but it just breaks my heart. Seriously, when I have a house I want to adopt so many little animals.

Since I can’t do that yet, I plan to spoil the fool out of our little guy. We’ve been pondering names and decided we want something kinda dopey since he has an adorable, dopey face. Our front runners are: Mister Winston, Mister Stanley, or Mister Bojangles. (Hubs really likes the idea of a vet asking for “Mister _____” when he’s looking for a dog. Hubs is goofy like that.) I’ve also decided he needs something spirited to tailgate at the UGA/GT game the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Maybe something like this (except, featuring my adorable dog) or this?

All right, off to stop being emotional about the millions of animals I want to love. I’ll just continue to stalk my email inbox for information on our home visit…

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New Food Obsession?

One excellent Friday night went on the books last night. A few friends and I celebrated Kelly’s birthday (which is actually Monday) in high style. Well, perhaps not high style, but it was fun! Kelly promised tasty eats and the rest of us promised wine. Kelly put together a yummy spread: her famous meatballs, chips and salsa, cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto, dates stuffed with goat cheese (yum!), and “white walls”. This may be one of my new favorite foods!

I love every ingredient associated with this tasty little creation: pickles, honey ham, cream cheese. I also love how easy it is: Spread out a piece of honey ham, schmear with cream cheese, roll up a pickle inside (like a pig in a blanket). Then you refrigerate for 20-30 minutes so the cream cheese “sticks” to the pickle. Slice these little bites of heaven up and then serve. Five of us devoured almost an entire jar of pickles like this. I think I could eat the same amount just by myself. Try it out — you will not be disappointed. Yum, yum, yum!

We also put the hurt on some wine. I think there were about five bottles consumed. I don’t remember refilling my glass that much, nor did I feel drunk when leaving — so I guess that’s good and bad? I was super tired though and almost took a little snooze on the train. Luckily I stayed awake and didn’t wake up at the end of the train line somewhere. Score one for me!

I started my football Saturday today in equally marvelous fashion. Maybe I didn’t have as much wine as five bottles among five women would lead one to believe — I was entirely headache and hangover free this am. I had eight and a half amazing hours of sleep. Game Day Breakfast today was: scrambled eggs (onion, spinach, mozzarella), a piece of Starbucks Pumpkin Bread, and a Pumpkin Spice Latte with skim. The guy who rang me up at Sbuxs joked that I must really like pumpkin. He’s very, very right.

(Speaking of pumpkin, I’ve been stalking grocery shelves for cans of Libby’s. I’ve been so afraid that there would be a shortage again this year. However, I found this article and my spirits have been lifted! Pumpkin, I can’t wait for you to get here! We’ll have a party with my immersion blender. Love, Anna)

I’m hoping my Dawgs can step it up for the second half. The first half has been kinda hard on my heart. After we win (fingers crossed), I’m heading down to hang out with some cardio equipment while I watch the Florida/Tennessee game. Not sure what’s on the docket for dinner, but I feel some cooking coming on tomorrow!

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I feel boring lately. I wake up, go to work, come home, clean my tupperware, pack up the next day’s food, have dinner, sit/watch tv/read a book, sleep, repeat. I’ve been in a serious work out funk and I need to break out. I want to go on a run, I really do. I even looked at races coming up and have my eye on two 10ks (one in November and one in December) but I suppose I should get a few runs in before I even think about registering.

Monday after work we took a new coworker out to Happy Hour where I had a delicious greek salad and a glass of white wine. New coworker has awesome friend potential written all over her AND she’s a marathoner. She invited me to join the running club she leads and she promises she is an epicly slow runner too.

Yesterday, I came home ready to go for a run. It turns out half the town was out of power. Our building only had one functioning elevator (for over 500 residents = bad news) and there was no power or a/c at all. That killed my run. Two main reasons: (1) running around here is great because there are sidewalks — but the drivers are aggressive. You were not about to find this girl dodging cars without the help of lights and crosswalks. (2) We live above the 9th floor and often times we do not have water pressure when the power is out. I’m way, way too much of a sweat-er when I work out to not have a guaranteed shower waiting for me at the end of the run. Instead, Hubs and I went out to eat and enjoyed each other’s company.

Today, it rained. I could have met up for a date with the dreadmill, but running inside really kills my enjoyment. That’s the fastest way, I’ve found, to not want to run again soon. My hopes are pinned on my day off tomorrow. Hubs is working from home and hopefully I can rouse myself early and hit the pavement. Tomorrow there WILL be a workout of some sort. No more lazy, lazy, slothful Anna!

Otherwise, I finished the first disc of Glee and am still in love! I cannot wait for Netflix to send me another disk! When not watching Glee, I’m reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma and enjoying it. It’s slow going but thought provoking. I’d definitely like to read more of Michael Pollen’s stuff. I need to finish Jane Eyre too. I left it behind during work travel and came back too engrossed in my current read to put it down. So, hopefully I’ll have a book review coming up soon. (Cause I’d really like to wrap these two books up!)

This weekend has some great things on tap: wine night/birthday celebrations, some serious football watching Saturday (hopefully cheering on my Dawgs to a win over Arkansas), and some cooking. Kelly had an amazing looking Mexican Casserole a few weeks ago that I wanna try and I have a huge can of Libby’s pumpkin in the cupboard that wants to be used. Anyone have a good recipe for soup that uses canned pumpkin?

Happy (early) Weekend folks! Tell me, what is the best thing that has happened to you lately?


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The Way I Like It!

Happy Saturday! My Georgia Bulldawgs started off the season with an amazing game against Louisiana-Lafayette. We ran away with the win (55-7) and I’m super excited to see what our season looks like!

Last night Hubs and I took advantage of a great sale at Whole Foods. Grass fed ground beef was only $3.99 a pound! We scored just under a pound and used the foreman to grill up some burgers. I topped mine with a slice and cheddar cheese and ate it bunless with a fork. On the side I had some yummy sauteed mushrooms and onions, and sauteed cabbage/raddichio. What a delicious dinner!

We also got a little carton of Ciao Bella Sorbet in Blackberry Cabernet. I really think Ciao Bella is one of my new favorite things. I’ve had raspberry, blood orange, etc and ALL are delicious. The flavors are so sharp and rich. It definitely satisfies my sweet tooth and I never end up eating a whole serving. The nutritional facts are pretty awesome and the ingredient list is always  short and doesn’t contain a single ingredient I struggle to pronounce. That is always a plus with me. Y’all seriously need to check this out. They also make little baby servings that come with their own plastic spoon. Love, love, love!

We slept in a little but still got a good start on our day. We were at Whole Foods (again, yes) by 9:30 stocking up for Game Day Breakfast. I love cooking up brunch and watching football. Hubs opted for two links of breakfast turkey sausage, an egg, a HUGE helping of sauteed kale, and an iced coffee. I went the chicken sausage (basil, garlic, sundried tomato), bagel, and (new) Naked Juice: Fruit & Veggie Machine. The nutritionals weren’t bad (260 cals and 1 g fat in the whole bottle) and that baby gave me two servings of veggies and a serving of fruit while tasting delish!

After the game, I had a little bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and headed to the gym. I spent 40 minutes on the elliptical and made it 2.66 miles and burned 250 calories while watching Texas play Rice. I swear, football makes everything better! I was ready to stay on the elliptical all day! I tried a few new stretches and iced my knees afterwards. I’m trying to alleviate some knee popping and marginal pain I’ve had since stepping up my workouts. We’ll see how this works.

The rest of the night: football! I’ll also be packing up for a week of work travel. I don’t leave until Monday afternoon, but we’re going to Richmond for a friend’s wedding tomorrow. Then, on Monday we’re driving from Richmond back to the DC airport so I need to be ready to go. Our work schedule this week looks pretty heavy, but I know I’ll be eating a lot so I need to make an effort to get work outs in. Work travel is always such a hard balance for me. We eat out every meal and in new cities where I really want to try the food. I want to find time to work out but I also don’t want to sacrifice sleep. Sitting in an mid-afternoon meeting (we’re talking me and three other people), fighting to stay awake is wretched. I’m crossing my fingers for efficient meetings so I can get some work outs in without cutting out too much sleep.

I probably won’t be around much for the next week since I won’t be taking a computer with me. Hopefully when I return, I’ll be able to report that I was successful in working out while on work travel. (If all else fails, maybe I’ll get a co-worker to watch my bag and I’ll walk some laps around airport terminals? :D)

Do you travel for work? Does it make it hard to fit in work outs?

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Faking Fall

I’ve decided that I’m going to pretend that it feels like fall outside today. I don’t care that it felt like 80 before I got into the office at 7 this morning. Today, in Anna-land, it is a glorious, crisp, cool fall day. Leaves are beautiful colors, the smell of smoke is in the air, stores have Halloween decorations up, and there is a hint of frost in the mornings. Welcome to fall in my world! How am I celebrating the start of (fake) fall? With a few of my favorite fall things!

I noticed the other day that Starbucks has brought back their fall drinks (namely the Pumpkin Spice Latte). Normally I support a smaller coffee shop (Saxby’s) that has flavored coffees and a frequent shopper card that earns me free coffees. However much I love Saxby’s, they don’t have a Pumpkin Spice Latte (or, at least not yet). So this morning while Hubs got his normal iced coffee, I got a Pumpkin Spice with skim milk and no whipped cream. That drink just smells like fall to me! (And, my office maintains a temperature roughly akin with the Artic Circle, so hot drinks are okay by me.)

I’m also celebrating fake fall by having soup for lunch! I seriously crave soup year round, but as soon as it starts to even THINK about getting chilly outside, soup is all I can think about. So, today’s lunch will be soup! I need to scour the menus of our local eateries (Cosi, Au Bon Pain, Corner Bakery, etc.) to see who has the yummiest soup today. Oh, and college football starts tonight so Hubs and I will be tuning in this evening! Soup, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Football = an excellent fake fall!

I closed out August on a pretty good note. I spent some QT with the treadmill: 60 minutes of “speed” intervals (4.0-4.3mph). My total distance was 4.12 miles with 365 cals burned. And, when I got on the scale yesterday morning, I was down 0.4lb from where I started the month! Yes, I know that 0.4lb is nowhere near the goal of 4lb that I set for myself. But, I’m looking at it this way: at one point this month, I was almost at 154. I was up almost four pounds! Anna, not okay! But I fought back and didn’t gain ANY weight this month despite a trip home and lots of eating out (oh Restaurant Week). A loss this month is a celebration indeed! My goal by the end of September is 146 or 147.

[I just took my first sip of the latte, and y’all it was delicious!]

I also implemented some healthier habits in August. Hubs and I started making green smoothies every morning for breakfast (on weekdays at least). His is a little burlier than mine but we’re both gaining added health benefits and uping our fruit and veggie in take. Hubs’ normal recipe: 2 cups kale, 5 baby carrots, 1/3 cup green pepper, 1 apple, 1 banana, small handful of frozen berries, spoonful of yogurt. My normal recipe: 1 apple, 1/3 cup yogurt, 1 banana, 2 cups spinach, 1.5 cups frozen berries. Sometimes it’s a little chunkier than others, but I definitely feel great after downing the smoothie. In addition, we started taking vitamins and supplements. Every morning with my cheerios I take a multivitamin, a calcium/vitamin D supplement, and two fish oil pills. Between the supplements and the smoothies, I feel noticeably better on a day to day basis!

I’m off to spend some alone time with my latte. What’s your perfect fake fall day?

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