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Fall Fishing

Today was an absolutely GORGEOUS fall day. In celebration, we got up at 6 am (ick), grabbed some Starbucks, and headed to the lake with Tim and Sarah. We rented a few rods, bought some bait, and enjoyed the day. I’m back and absolutely exhausted. (I will most likely be in bed in an hour.)

Fishing 007
Fall color is just starting to peep out in Northern VA. All around the lake the colors were so pretty.

Fishing 001
Hubs snagged the first (and biggest) fish of the day. Tim offered to eat it fresh. (All fish caught today were thrown back!)
Fishing 003
Fish 2 was somewhat smaller.
Fishing 002
Tim caught a little baby fish too!
Fishing 004
Sarah got in on the action with a petite fish friend of her own.
Fishing 008
We fished some more and Tim and Sarah made a new little friend.
Fishing 015
Really, it was great to spend a day outside, on the water, and (it felt like) totally outside of town!
Fishing 013

Coming soon: Book Review for The Art of Racing in the Rain! A story about my running hiatus (and angry knees). Hub’s crazy new fitness plans. And more, I’m sure.

Come back soon when I’m not slightly sunburned (more pink, really) and beat from getting up at six on a weekend day!

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Lurking on my camera

In looking to upload my pictures from our little get-away this weekend, I stumbled upon about three months of pictures. So instead of telling you about my run right now (it was awesome) or detailing our amazing weekend away, I bring you pictures!

Early Fall 2010 036
Hubs enjoying Dan and Kelly’s annual Luau.

Early Fall 2010 143
Things got a little out of control/an 80s and early 90s dance party broke out.
Early Fall 2010 161
Hooray Luau! (Me, Hubs, Tim, Andrew, Sarah, Dan, and Kelly)

I took a work trip to Atlanta.
Early Fall 2010 179
(Yes, this is the view from my hotel room.)

And then to New Orleans.
Early Fall 2010 188
True Story. Middle of the Day & PASSED OUT!

Early Fall 2010 192
Fell in love with beignets and chicory coffee.

Oh, and VA Beach was awesome!
Early Fall 2010 206
Early Fall 2010 214
Early Fall 2010 210

Okay y’all, that’s enough for tonight. (Well, maybe one more.)

Early Fall 2010 217

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New Food Obsession?

One excellent Friday night went on the books last night. A few friends and I celebrated Kelly’s birthday (which is actually Monday) in high style. Well, perhaps not high style, but it was fun! Kelly promised tasty eats and the rest of us promised wine. Kelly put together a yummy spread: her famous meatballs, chips and salsa, cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto, dates stuffed with goat cheese (yum!), and “white walls”. This may be one of my new favorite foods!

I love every ingredient associated with this tasty little creation: pickles, honey ham, cream cheese. I also love how easy it is: Spread out a piece of honey ham, schmear with cream cheese, roll up a pickle inside (like a pig in a blanket). Then you refrigerate for 20-30 minutes so the cream cheese “sticks” to the pickle. Slice these little bites of heaven up and then serve. Five of us devoured almost an entire jar of pickles like this. I think I could eat the same amount just by myself. Try it out — you will not be disappointed. Yum, yum, yum!

We also put the hurt on some wine. I think there were about five bottles consumed. I don’t remember refilling my glass that much, nor did I feel drunk when leaving — so I guess that’s good and bad? I was super tired though and almost took a little snooze on the train. Luckily I stayed awake and didn’t wake up at the end of the train line somewhere. Score one for me!

I started my football Saturday today in equally marvelous fashion. Maybe I didn’t have as much wine as five bottles among five women would lead one to believe — I was entirely headache and hangover free this am. I had eight and a half amazing hours of sleep. Game Day Breakfast today was: scrambled eggs (onion, spinach, mozzarella), a piece of Starbucks Pumpkin Bread, and a Pumpkin Spice Latte with skim. The guy who rang me up at Sbuxs joked that I must really like pumpkin. He’s very, very right.

(Speaking of pumpkin, I’ve been stalking grocery shelves for cans of Libby’s. I’ve been so afraid that there would be a shortage again this year. However, I found this article and my spirits have been lifted! Pumpkin, I can’t wait for you to get here! We’ll have a party with my immersion blender. Love, Anna)

I’m hoping my Dawgs can step it up for the second half. The first half has been kinda hard on my heart. After we win (fingers crossed), I’m heading down to hang out with some cardio equipment while I watch the Florida/Tennessee game. Not sure what’s on the docket for dinner, but I feel some cooking coming on tomorrow!

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I feel boring lately. I wake up, go to work, come home, clean my tupperware, pack up the next day’s food, have dinner, sit/watch tv/read a book, sleep, repeat. I’ve been in a serious work out funk and I need to break out. I want to go on a run, I really do. I even looked at races coming up and have my eye on two 10ks (one in November and one in December) but I suppose I should get a few runs in before I even think about registering.

Monday after work we took a new coworker out to Happy Hour where I had a delicious greek salad and a glass of white wine. New coworker has awesome friend potential written all over her AND she’s a marathoner. She invited me to join the running club she leads and she promises she is an epicly slow runner too.

Yesterday, I came home ready to go for a run. It turns out half the town was out of power. Our building only had one functioning elevator (for over 500 residents = bad news) and there was no power or a/c at all. That killed my run. Two main reasons: (1) running around here is great because there are sidewalks — but the drivers are aggressive. You were not about to find this girl dodging cars without the help of lights and crosswalks. (2) We live above the 9th floor and often times we do not have water pressure when the power is out. I’m way, way too much of a sweat-er when I work out to not have a guaranteed shower waiting for me at the end of the run. Instead, Hubs and I went out to eat and enjoyed each other’s company.

Today, it rained. I could have met up for a date with the dreadmill, but running inside really kills my enjoyment. That’s the fastest way, I’ve found, to not want to run again soon. My hopes are pinned on my day off tomorrow. Hubs is working from home and hopefully I can rouse myself early and hit the pavement. Tomorrow there WILL be a workout of some sort. No more lazy, lazy, slothful Anna!

Otherwise, I finished the first disc of Glee and am still in love! I cannot wait for Netflix to send me another disk! When not watching Glee, I’m reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma and enjoying it. It’s slow going but thought provoking. I’d definitely like to read more of Michael Pollen’s stuff. I need to finish Jane Eyre too. I left it behind during work travel and came back too engrossed in my current read to put it down. So, hopefully I’ll have a book review coming up soon. (Cause I’d really like to wrap these two books up!)

This weekend has some great things on tap: wine night/birthday celebrations, some serious football watching Saturday (hopefully cheering on my Dawgs to a win over Arkansas), and some cooking. Kelly had an amazing looking Mexican Casserole a few weeks ago that I wanna try and I have a huge can of Libby’s pumpkin in the cupboard that wants to be used. Anyone have a good recipe for soup that uses canned pumpkin?

Happy (early) Weekend folks! Tell me, what is the best thing that has happened to you lately?


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Brain Dump

It has been a hot minute and I’ve got so much stuffed in my little head. I don’t wanna overwhelm y’all so I’m gonna try to pull some of it together into a list.

1. Work Success – I survived a week of travel. It was touch and go there for a little bit, but I made it through. I also came back to a promotion — whoop whoop! And, Hubs is now a full-time, full-benefits employee. We’re moving up in the world around here.

2. Glee – I watched the first two episodes of season 1 last night. Love it! I can’t wait to watch more. I don’t know if Netflix will get them here fast enough. I feel like I’ve lived in a TV void for a few years. (What have I been watching?!) On the to-watch list: Mad Men, Modern Family, Gossip Girl Season 3, Glee, Office Season 6, Friday Night Lights.

3. Eats- I’m so glad to not be on travel anymore because of this. I was so veggie deprived last week. It was suprisingly hard to find good eats. I was in some strange situations which left me restricted in what I could eat. There were a lot of forced convenience choices. My body rejoiced with the first green smoothie after a long week of carbs and starch.

4. Fall – My favorite season! It really feels like it now. So many excellent things are coming up soon and I can barely contain my excitement. I can’t wait until sweatshirts are necessary.

5. Runs – Yes, the cool weather is back which means I’ll be sweating it out on the streets of Old Town again soon. I just cannot run in the heat. I’m sure it’s possible, but I never want to dislike my workouts so I try to stick to other stuff during the summer months. Fall = the return of running!

6. Blogger Meet Up – I’ve never done this before, but recently Emily of The Front Burner moved to my hood. I’m new to her blog, but she seems amazing. I mean, I would be a bad blogger if I didn’t meet up with folks that live literally down the street. I suppose I’m just always worried people will think I’m loud or overly chatty. I’m just southern, y’all…

Okay, that’s enough for now. Hopefully I can grab some time tomorrow to sneak in an actually entry as opposed to a list. Oh, and HOW is it mid-September?!

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Faking Fall

I’ve decided that I’m going to pretend that it feels like fall outside today. I don’t care that it felt like 80 before I got into the office at 7 this morning. Today, in Anna-land, it is a glorious, crisp, cool fall day. Leaves are beautiful colors, the smell of smoke is in the air, stores have Halloween decorations up, and there is a hint of frost in the mornings. Welcome to fall in my world! How am I celebrating the start of (fake) fall? With a few of my favorite fall things!

I noticed the other day that Starbucks has brought back their fall drinks (namely the Pumpkin Spice Latte). Normally I support a smaller coffee shop (Saxby’s) that has flavored coffees and a frequent shopper card that earns me free coffees. However much I love Saxby’s, they don’t have a Pumpkin Spice Latte (or, at least not yet). So this morning while Hubs got his normal iced coffee, I got a Pumpkin Spice with skim milk and no whipped cream. That drink just smells like fall to me! (And, my office maintains a temperature roughly akin with the Artic Circle, so hot drinks are okay by me.)

I’m also celebrating fake fall by having soup for lunch! I seriously crave soup year round, but as soon as it starts to even THINK about getting chilly outside, soup is all I can think about. So, today’s lunch will be soup! I need to scour the menus of our local eateries (Cosi, Au Bon Pain, Corner Bakery, etc.) to see who has the yummiest soup today. Oh, and college football starts tonight so Hubs and I will be tuning in this evening! Soup, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Football = an excellent fake fall!

I closed out August on a pretty good note. I spent some QT with the treadmill: 60 minutes of “speed” intervals (4.0-4.3mph). My total distance was 4.12 miles with 365 cals burned. And, when I got on the scale yesterday morning, I was down 0.4lb from where I started the month! Yes, I know that 0.4lb is nowhere near the goal of 4lb that I set for myself. But, I’m looking at it this way: at one point this month, I was almost at 154. I was up almost four pounds! Anna, not okay! But I fought back and didn’t gain ANY weight this month despite a trip home and lots of eating out (oh Restaurant Week). A loss this month is a celebration indeed! My goal by the end of September is 146 or 147.

[I just took my first sip of the latte, and y’all it was delicious!]

I also implemented some healthier habits in August. Hubs and I started making green smoothies every morning for breakfast (on weekdays at least). His is a little burlier than mine but we’re both gaining added health benefits and uping our fruit and veggie in take. Hubs’ normal recipe: 2 cups kale, 5 baby carrots, 1/3 cup green pepper, 1 apple, 1 banana, small handful of frozen berries, spoonful of yogurt. My normal recipe: 1 apple, 1/3 cup yogurt, 1 banana, 2 cups spinach, 1.5 cups frozen berries. Sometimes it’s a little chunkier than others, but I definitely feel great after downing the smoothie. In addition, we started taking vitamins and supplements. Every morning with my cheerios I take a multivitamin, a calcium/vitamin D supplement, and two fish oil pills. Between the supplements and the smoothies, I feel noticeably better on a day to day basis!

I’m off to spend some alone time with my latte. What’s your perfect fake fall day?

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