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Enjoying Marathon Monday

It’s tax day — but more importantly it is also Marathon Monday!

I subjected husband to two hours of runners and compulsively updated the race tracker for my boss. I went down to the gym intending to use the race as motivation for my training run of the day. Sadly, our gym’s cable receivers are undergoing maintenance so I was stuck to local news channels. 😦 No race finish for me. Instead, I focused on pushing myself through today’s run.

Let’s say this, I’m very glad I’m starting my training for this half now — because I am going to need every second of the time I have left. I’m running intervals right now because that’s so much more attainable and less intimidating to me. Thankfully, today’s run was better than Friday’s! 🙂 

I am, h0wever, currently famished. The problem with that is I finished an extra large lunch (left over chicken curry and quinoa) about two hours ago. WHOOPS! Going to chug some water and hope that tides me over a little? Husband gets out of class at 7ish so that means we’ll eat around 7:45 or 8. Eeeek!

Two quick side notes: (1) Chicken Curry went well! Hooray! And I did it all by myself. It’s so fun to have a meal ready for husband instead of the other way around. (2) Husband has, after today, four classes left before he gets his masters! Now, if only all his work was almost done and he was stress free! I guess you can’t have it all.

How did you celebrate Marathon Monday? 

Do you get insane post work out hunger? (Or am I weird in wanting to eat my arm sometimes?)


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Baby Steps

Here I am — back so soon! While I didn’t work out yesterday, I was super pleased with my dinner: both in terms of flavor and staying power. I mixed together brown rice, red kidney beans and a broken up veggie burger and then tossed it all with a little alfredo sauce. It satisfied my savory craving, got in some whole grains and some veggies!

I spent the evening on the couch with the hubs. He has a paper for summer school so I plugged in my work laptop and watched the Netflix selection I’ve had forever: What Happens in Vegas. I am so, so bad about getting Netflix movies and just not watching them for the longest time. However, I reminded myself over the weekend that we’re paying for this so I might as well use it. We’re also figuring out how to stream movies live off our XBox — I’m looking forward to that! What Happens in Vegas is your typical romatic comedy. Obviously I knew how it was going to end, but I still definitely enjoyed watching it and some parts had me laughing out loud. Up next on my queue is another potentially horrible (but good) chick flick: Made of Honor. Yep, the hits just keep on coming!

I had planned to spend my evening reading but I just CANNOT get into the book I’m trying to finish right now: The Elegance of the Hedgehog. I mean, it’s  New York Times Bestseller and I’ve heard rave reviews about it so I picked it up from the library. I even renewed the silly thing — had I known how atrocious it would be I wouldn’t have wasted my time. I seem to have a very hard time stopping once I start reading a book, so I’m gutting it out through to the end. The book just seems snobby. Not the characters themselves (however, they are VERY snobby), but the book! I don’t know if it’s because it was translated from French? Or maybe because the author is a student of philosophy. Both characters are highly pretentious and full of thoughts and ideas that rarely make it out of college text books. I thought it would be an entertaining story of human interaction; instead I’ve landed slap into a pile of people judging other people without knowing them. I get enough of that in my everyday life personally. Maybe the final 125 pages will redeem it, but my hopes aren’t high.

Due to the excessive heat, I am working from home today. I’m glad that my boss understands my intense distaste for business clothes once the temperature hits the triple digits. Seriously, I thought I lived on the border of the North Eastern United States — I didn’t think I was in Arizona. It’s killer outside so I’m at home in the AC. That means — LUNCH HOUR WORK OUT! I wish I could do this every day, but sadly the closest thing my work has to a gym is the stairwell (which I make do with sometimes).

I’m on the last few sips of my coffee, so I’ll ask a question I’d really love to know the answer to before I head off to do some serious work. How do you store and post blog pictures? I want to share, but WordPress tells me I’ve almost used my quota of storeage space. Do you use an outside source (flickr or other) and then somehow link in your pictures? Help!

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Pacer’s Quarter Marathon

So, after writing my post yesterday, inhaling as much vitamin c as I could, and resting up, I decided to go for it with the race today. I didn’t want to let myself or Kelly down.

4:30am found me wide awake about an hour before my alarm. I managed to rest for a little bit longer before hauling myself out of bed. I’d laid out my gear the night before so it was nice to not search for anything in the dark. I chowed down on a slice of peanut butter toast and grabbed a Naked Juice and Cool Mint Chocolate Clif Bar for the car. (I have to say, that is now one of my favorite bars!)

I was ridiculously early to meet Kelly, so I found a parking spot and tried to “harness my chi” and get my mind right. We met up and took a cab to the race start where Kelly picked up her packet and we dropped off our bags. After a quick port-a-potty break and a jog around the block to warm up our legs, we were ready to go.

The first two miles were great! Kelly is a joy to run with and talking with her really took my mind off of the fact that I was running a race I was ill-prepared for. (Yes, that’s right folks, I talked while I ran! That’s another first for me and I was surprised at how “easy” it was.) We crossed the mile three marker before we took our first walking break — I was pretty proud of that.

We ran through mile five and then walked for about half a mile. My left ankle was feeling rather tight so it was nice to walk a little and let it loosen up. The entire time, I was monitoring it for “bad pain” and thanks to Caitlin’s post about “normal pain” I felt like I was able to assess the situation and keep going.  Normally, I would have used that as an excuse to stop but I knew nothing was out of sorts so I kept pushing through.

Kelly and I set a goal during our first walking break of finishing in 90 minutes. Neither one of us was really prepared for this race so it was more about having fun and finishing. The race was also a half marathon — folks completing the half ran two loops of the course. It was really inspiring to see the lead runners for the half!

I struggled through the last mile and having Kelly there kept me moving. She told me that if we pushed, we could really kill our goal and complete the race in under 80 minutes. With that goal in mind, we stepped it up a notch. We crossed the finish line around 79:30, got our medals and celebrated!

Officially, this is the longest distance I’ve ever run. We averaged just over a 12 minute mile. For a race run sick, tired and un-prepared, I’m so so thrilled! (I think I would be thrilled even if I wasn’t sick!) Even though I walked and even though my times are nothing compared to some of the amazing women whose blogs I follow, I know that I personally have to start somewhere. I’m proud that I gave it a shot. I’m thrilled that I ran the first three miles straight. I’m elated that I finished under my goal!

Kelly and I also chatted about running the Disney Princess Half in about a year. I’ve never been to Disney and her husband-to-be hasn’t either. Stay tuned, I may be buying a tutu and training for a half!


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Five Miles? I got that!

My sole run of the week was surrounded by the best intentions. A busy start of the week, many wedding crafts and then a 48 hour migraine from hell kept me from lacing up my tennis shoes until today. However, I made up for lost time! I ran five miles!! Oh yes indeed, a new PDR and I’m thrilled!

I didn’t think I was going to make it. My last run was last Friday and it was just over 2.5 miles. However, I had it stuck in my head that five miles was going to happen. It was slower than I would have liked (avg pace of 11:11 min/mi) but I made it happen. Right now, distance is the big thing to me. If I can finish it then I’ll eventually improve my time.

My legs felt like lead weights and I ran out of water .25 miles from the end so I was THIRSTY! I came upstairs, stretched out and then set out to properly recover. I mixed up a fast smoothie: a banana, 2 cups of strawberry and pineapple, a dannon natural vanilla yogurt, 4 oz of fruit juice and 2 small handfulls of spinach. My knees were achy and I wanted to try icing this time to see if that helped with the soreness I’ve had with previous runs. I settled down on the floor with two bags of frozen vegetables (hey, I’ve got student loans so I can’t afford fancy ice bags) and my smoothie.

Ten minutes later I felt like a new woman. My legs are definitely still tired (as is the rest of me) but I ran five miles! We’re off to Whole Foods to pick up a few more grocery items for the week. I saw the new Luna Protein Bar there last time and I’m curious to try it. I’ll be grabbing one if they’re around still.


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Sticking like a champ to my new weekly running goals, I hauled myself down to the gym Friday afternoon to pound out a 5k. The run wasn’t the best, but I made it happen. I keep having two problems and anyone with any ideas/solutions/suggestions is totally welcome to make them!

Problem 1: At least once a run I get a cramping feeling either along my collar bone or in my side. I’ve heard there are breathing tricks to getting ride of these. What are they? Anything else I can do to run cramp free? Sometimes I just want to stop because the cramps are so uncomfortable! My legs aren’t tired, I’m not breathing too heavy — it’s just ouchy.

Problem 2: Burps. I’m still not sure how to fuel properly before runs. Sometimes something works wonderfully but the next time I try it, it’s awful. I cannot run on an empty stomach — ideally, I try to have a snack about 1-2 hours before I run. But half the time I end up burping like crazy during my runs. This is not motivational at all! I do not want to re-taste my banana, peanut butter bread, granola bar, etc. What works best for you with pre-run fuel? And how long before you run do you eat?

Hey, at least these are problems because I’m continuing to push myself to run longer and faster. Before, when I would run a mile and quit I didn’t have these problems because my body wasn’t pushing it. However, I’d love to have a run without cramps and burping… seriously!

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