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A week in numbers

0 – the number of staples in/on Buddy (yesss, staple free!)
1 – night spent on amazon.com “trading in” our old textbooks for amazon credit. (this is awesome, you should do it. ask me if you have questions!)
2 – cups of coffee consumed this morning (also see: number of pills Buddy is down to each day)
3 – runs so far this week
4 – miles run yesterday without stopping
5 – bags of dog treats for our spoiled dog (all different too, spoiled!)
6 – food trucks I anticipate eating at/sampling from this evening at TRUCKEROO!

It has been a pretty good week! Buddy “looks awesome” according to the vet and has almost completed three weeks of crate rest. He’s such a patient little dog.

I had a few good runs (including a four miler yesterday where I never once wanted to quit), enjoyed book club (book review coming soon), my old boss’ wife had  their baby on 7-11, and we got a package in the mail from my parents for Buddy (spoiled)! Tonight is Truckeroo and tomorrow is Dan and Kelly’s annual luau. So excited. Hubs and I are also aiming for a 5.5-6 mile long run tomorrow morning. Hopefully it goes as well as yesterday’s four miler!

On the not so good side, I apparently spent a lot of this week eating poorly and fooling myself into thinking I was eating well. Whoops! This morning, the scale was up and I definitely had a moment of WTF?! I mean, I’m working out more than I have in a long time. Scale, why do you betray me?! Then, I started thinking about what I had to eat this week: BGR for lunch Monday, a 7-11 day slurpee, chinese food, beer, wine, ice cream, pizza and more wine at book club, etc. Oh, my bad, those aren’t health foods?!


Oh, yeah, I guess not. That probably explains my situation this morning. So, I’ve scaled back my grand ambitions (mac and cheese, grilled cheese, poutine, empanadas, tacos, cupcakes) for the food trucks tonight and have tried to make more logical decisions. Hubs has generously offered to split poutine with me so I can still have it – I married him for reasons like this! I’m still looking forward to trying some new trucks and it’s not like I’ll never have another chance to try the grilled cheese truck or the mac and cheese truck. Delayed gratification, right?

Coming next week: more cooking, a book review, and hopefully a report of a successful long run!


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Freedom Friday

The apartment is silent this morning. The apartment is currently Buddy-less. (Buddy Free?) The Hound is having a one day staycation with our vet at Ballston Animal Hospital so he can get a little more wound care.

It looks like we’re going to avoid stitches and staples to close his wound so that’s good news! We just have to be patient and wait for his body to do its thing.

After being in the apartment around the clock a lot and constantly with the dog for the past week and a half, it feels kind of like freedom to be by myself. But, I’m working so I can’t go anywhere and, really, I’d rather have my little dog around. He’s such a sweetie and I’m already looking forward to getting him back from the vet this afternoon for some pets and TLC. He has been a lot of work and a lot of worry over the past 10 or so days, but I would do it all again and will continue to do it.

So, since I’m getting a little taste of “reduced” hound care, here’s a few things I’d like to do when Buddy is healthy and healed enough to be left on his own again:

Clearly, a lot of this revolves around eating. Maybe because I’m hungry? 🙂 I think it’s time for some lunch. Today features a recreation of yesterday’s lunch: SlowCooker Red Beans and Rice mixed with Mmm sauce to chill out the spice a little. The result is creamy and DELICIOUS!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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Stress (Less)?

Here’s a little Anna factoid for you: I am prone to anxiety. Fortunately my anxiety is not debilitating and panic attacks are rare things for me. But, I do seem to love a good worry. I really envy people who are able to look at a situation, consider the facts, and move forward. Also, the people who don’t “what if” a situation to death. However, along with many wonderful traits, my family also carries a predisposition to anxiety and mild depression. Yum.

My current worry? We took Buddy for his first follow up appointment this afternoon. Buddy is looking great – aside from his wound on his tummy. I’ll skip all the nasty details. Basically, the vet wants us to hold a warm compress to his wound for five minutes or so 3-4 times a day. This seems to feel good as Buddy settles down as soon as the warm compress hits his skin. Poor little guy. We have another follow up appointment on Thursday. From that point the vet will decide if he needs to have his wound cleaned and closed with staples or stitches. This is where I start to worry things around in my mind.

Worries: I don’t want him to get an infection. I don’t want him to be in pain. If he has to have the wound closed by the vets, what is that going to cost? If they use staples, how long do those have to stay in? Right now, Hubs and I have enough telework approval to stay home with him until the first set of staples (from all his cuts) come out. But, if he has to get another set of staples, I don’t know if one of us can stay home with him. He should be fine in his crate — but I worry he’ll get his e-collar hung up on something or find a way to lick/nibble at his wound and staples.

End crazy. Okay, so I need to leave this alone. I don’t know if he’s even going to need staples. We could wake up in the morning (after three hot compresses and another good night’s sleep) and his skin could look healthy and pink. It could look even better Thursday morning. And, if that’s the case then I’ve wound myself up for no good reason.

I think I’m a little tense tonight because Hubs is going into work for the rest of the week and I’ll be home alone with the little guy. I’m so fearful of hurting him somehow or exacerbating his injuries. I know he’s a tough little guy and I’ve handled things with Hubs around often enough to know what I’m doing with Buddy-care. But it’s still nerve wracking.

Blah, okay, fretting over with. Thanks for joining me on my crazy train this evening. In other, actual blog related, news — my house arrest with the hound is paying off in some ways! I’ve cooked — Banana bread and two new recipes (Mama Pea’s Mmmm sauce and a Creamy Taco Mac that Brie shared), worked out (a run, a strength training session, and a hill incline session), and devoured my book club book. (Too bad Buddy’s Thursday follow up appointment falls during book club. Oh well. Hound first, wine second.)

Hubs just leaned over and asked if I was “blogging about my feelings.” 🙂 He can always tell when I’m worrying something around in my mind. Time for me to put this worry aside, get my little dog to eat dinner, and read some more in my lovely book club book. (Review coming shortly!)


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Onto the next one

Better late than never! It’s time to welcome July with a quick look back at June.

1. Get my mileage up! (2/4) I did pretty well with this for most of the month. Even though my mileage wasn’t as high as it needed to be, I was pushing for long runs and running more often. The last week in June definitely suffered after Buddy’s accident. I’m looking forward to really kicking up a notch in July.
2. Weight train (at least once a week). (4/4) They may have not happened once a week as planned, but I did get (at least) four strength training sessions in. Sometimes it was just arms, sometimes it was the P90x “Ab Ripper X” dvd, sometimes it was both. I can’t wait to continue this and see my running and fitness continue to improve. 
3. Read three books that are non-fiction or classics. (4/3) I crushed this pretty much. Books: The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball, The Good Soldiers by David Finkel, Devil in the White City by Erik Larson, and The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis
4. Get Laptop fixed. Seriously, Anna. I did get an external hard drive for our fading desktop computer and I got a wireless USB thinking that might fix our laptop connectivity problems. But, unfortunuately, it still doesn’t recognize our home wireless even though all our other electronics do. 
5. Make a savings plan for summer fun trips. Hubs and I knocked this out pretty quickly. We’ve been following it successfully as well. 
6. Make four new recipes. (3/4) Again, I think I could have nailed this if we hadn’t spent the past week in a daze/frenzy after Buddy’s run in with a car. Still, three new recipes isn’t shabby! Quinoa salad for lunches, pound cake, and Thai Chicken Soup — I would make all of these again!

Time to look at July!
1. Try out four new recipes. I already have at least one in mind for next week! If we’re staying in with the hound for “house arrest” we might as well eat some good things!
2. Run 45 miles in July. After my Saturday run, I “only” need 42.5 more miles!
3. Read six books, three non-fiction or classic. The Kindle has been spurring on my reading. And with “hound house arrest” I should be able to read even more.
4. Share at least two book reviews. I’ll aim for our current book club pick and something perhaps a little fluffier.
5. Complete six strength training sessions for the month. I like seeing my body get stronger and my running get better.
6. Post at least 10 times this month.

What are you up to this month? Any suggestions for books to read or recipes to try? I’m all ears!


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Reality Check

It’s a long holiday weekend and Hubs and I were supposed to head to TN with friends to enjoy five days of relaxing, good food, drinks, fireworks, bands, hot tubs, reading, fishing, and more. Obviously, Buddy’s current situation requires us to be at home. A lot. One of us is in the apartment at all times and we plan to keep this up until at least July 13th. (That’s the day Buddy’s staples come out and his surgical collar comes off. Until then, he could potentially be a hazard to himself and/or chew on his wounds and pick at his staples.)

We’re pretty bummed that we’re not sitting on a huge deck in TN, sipping cocktails, and watching our little hound dog run around with a new doggy friend. But, at the same time we’re so thankful to still have our little dog and that tempers the disappointment some.

We’ve been alternating running errands so that neither of us gets stir crazy, but I have a feeling that I’ll be SO READY to leave the apartment together in a few days. Hubs is playing a new video game and I’ve been telling myself that this is a chance to blow through some books. I even got excited about working out today.

My last run (and workout) was last Sunday when Hubs and I did two sweaty, hilly, fast (for me) miles which I then followed up with some more time in the gym. The DC Metro area has an air quality warning today, so I kept it indoors. I did 2.5 gloriously enjoyable miles on the treadmill and then another mile of (walking) hills. It was a nice break to the monotony of the apartment and it was so nice to see that a week of no running didn’t throw me off too much. I plan to try again for another run tomorrow! I will miss running with Hubs for a few weeks; but again, I’d rather give up a little running time with him to take care of our little dog.

Buddy continues to do better. He’s wolfing down chicken, rice, and canned doggy food but he’s still snubbing his normal kibble. Better not get spoiled little dog! He’s only whiny every once in a while and his pain pill consumption is at the low end of what he’s allowed instead of the high end. Buddy is super confused about why he has to stay in his cage. Poor little guy. We can’t wait until his staples and the cone are gone so we can give him his favorite nylabones and some yummy stuffed kongs to keep him busy. Until the cone is gone though, he can’t really use his paws to hold things so we have to bide our time.

6 days of recovery down, 50 days to go!


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Hubs and I went to pick up our little hound dog yesterday afternoon. We’re so thrilled to have him home with us and Buddy seems pretty happy to be home too. Despite his pelvic fractures, he is eagerly bearing weight and walking with just a sling (a strip of towel looped under his belly) as a precaution. His little body is super sore and he’s on some decent pain killers. But, he’s no longer sedated or drugged really — he’s full of personality again and wagging his tail like a mad man. I hate that he’s hurting, but I’m so thrilled to see him on the mend.

I’m learning a lot in the process. Some of it funny, some of it not, but all of it is happening for a reason.

Lesson 1: My dog can find a pill in anything — treats, chicken, cheese, wet food, you name it. We’re having to just tip his head back, drop in the pill, and rub his throat until he swallows it.

Lesson 2: Hound care is taxing. I love this little guy and would do anything for him. Right now he requires a lot of labor and love. His care is definitely a two person job. Hubs has to go into work for a few hours tomorrow and I’m a little nervous about being alone with Buddy. I’m sure I’ll be fine but I don’t want to inadvertantly hurt the little man more.

Lesson 3: Doggy healthcare is expensive. I mean, serious dollar signs. However, the providers are SO MUCH nicer and easier to deal with than people healthcare. Both hospitals, both sets of vets, and both groups of vet techs are wonderful. They gave us so much information, answered all our questions, and have been so kind. It makes it easier to spend the money knowing we’re really getting a lot of value for it.

Lesson 4: Animal Insurance. I’m not kidding. I’d never heard of it until we adopted Buddy. It was recommended by one of the women who interviewed us prior to his adoption. She said that most dogs will, at some point, eat something they shouldn’t, hurt themselves, get into an accident, get sick, something. Hubs and I never wanted to be in a position where we had to decide whether or not to give our little guy the best care possible because of money. So, we gladly pay about $30 a month for pet insurance. This may have been the best money we’ve spent in a LONG time. Buddy’s little experience cost multiple thousands of dollars. With our insurance, after we meet our deductible they will reimburse us for 90% of our expenses. That turned several thousand dollars into just several hundred dollars. I cannot tell you how relieved I am. Also, like animal healthcare — animal insurance people are awesome and so helpful.

Lesson 5: We have awesome friends. Hubs and I have received so much kindness from our friends and from sheer strangers. In fact, two strangers picked up our dog walker (who was with Buddy when he was hit) and Buddy immediately after he was hit and drove him to the hospital. I wish I knew who they were so I could say thank you. Really, I am overwhelmed with the amount of love, support, prayers, and kind words we’ve received from friends, family, the blog world, and strangers. We are so, so appreciative and Buddy is too.

Lesson 6: Sleeping on the floor beside the dog crate can actually be comfortable with enough pillows and blankets. I slept hard for five hours last night curled up by the crate to make sure I would hear him if he woke up.

The good news is that, with every hour, Buddy seems stronger and more comfortable. He is far more relaxed tonight and really seems to enjoy being at home. I can’t wait to come back soon with even more good news about his continued recovery. 🙂


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Still MIA

It’s almost the end of June and I still don’t have my act together when it comes to posting on here regularly. I REALLY need to get my laptop fixed.

Most recently, my absence is due to an accident with my sweet hound, Buddy. On Monday, Buddy got clipped by a car and suffered some lacerations, road rash, serious bruising, and three fractures to his pelvis. He has spent two nights in Doggy ICU and gets to come home today!! He’ll be on the doggy version of bed rest for 6-8 weeks, but I can’t wait to just get my little hound home and love on him.

More to come, I swear.


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Win Some, Lose Some

Win: Ran another four miles (on the dreadmill) on Wednesday. Less nervous and more excited about this weekend’s four mile race.

Lose: It is hot, like face of the sun hot, here. I’m afraid the heat may take a toll on me/result in a poorer performance than I’d like to see this weekend.

Win: Book club was AWESOME last night! I love these ladies, I love cooking food for people, I love drinking wine and talking. I also love that whoever hosts has full reign over book selection. It has encouraged me to pick up books I wouldn’t have on my own.

Lose: I’ve been AWFUL about putting book reviews up here. I’ll see if I can crank one out about our most recent book club read (my pick): The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball.

Win: I ordered a wireless USB adapted to fix our laptop problem.

Lose: When the wireless adapter showed up, it either didn’t work or at least it didn’t solve the problem. I’m back to square one. If I had the money, I would just say eff it and buy a new laptop.

Win: I finally finished all but one of my library books (my bed time book) so I took my Kindle for its first commute yesterday. LOVE IT! I’m reading The Good Soldiers right now. People have hailed it as a modern day version of The Things They Carried (about the Vietnam War) which is one of my favorite books. I have high hopes for The Good Soldiers and so far have NOT been disappointed.

Lose: I still have not managed to get a job that pays me to read books in my PJs.

Win: Buddy was surprisingly well-behaved last night.

Lose: He still peed on the carpet once. So frustrated with house training him. Hubs and I are resolute that we’ll get this straightened out before he turns one in July.

In other news, my last remaining grandparent (Nana) fell in her kitchen earlier this week. She hit her head and her hip. Luckily she had no head injuries — not even a concussion. However, she did break her hip. After a day and a half on morphine, while waiting for an operating room to open up, Nana had a full hip replacement yesterday afternoon. My Aunt Pegs described her as a “happy drunk” after surgery; I am without words to describe how relieved I am that her surgery went well. She starts her long rehab process today. She is also 85. She has always been a “tough old lady” and I’m hoping she keeps her spirits up and sticks to rehab. It also makes me increbily thankful for my mobility and ease of movement. It makes me want to stay healthy throughout life in the hopes that I don’t end up at 85 stuck on the floor after a fall. Oh, and if you pray, could you send some thoughts Nana’s way? She and I would appreciate it!


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Progress & Success

It has been a busy (and wonderful) few days around here! Friday, I ran four miles (on the dreadmill) and actually really enjoyed it! I’ve decided that 26 will be the age when I embrace running and stop making excuses.

Saturday we joined the moving team known as “Team Awesome” and helped two of our friends empty their old apartment, drive from MD to VA, and unload their stuff into a new apartment — all in four hours. It may have been the most efficient move I’ve ever been a part of. And Sunday was the Louisiana State Society’s annual Crawfish boil. Every year that is a good time and this year was no different. (This year, I opted to be “healthier” and instead of all you can eat jambalaya, sausage, and beer, I brought vodka with soda water and subway. However, the copious amounts of lime tortilla chips and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies were not the best for me…)

In between all this, Hubs and I made our “savings plan” for our trips this summer. We got serious and looked at how much we’d need to enjoy ourselves. The money considerations also convinced us to DRIVE to Atlanta in August (as opposed to flying). We’ll spend $200 in gas, but save almost $200 in dog boarding and close to $600 in airfare. (How are flights SO EXPENSIVE?!) That’s definitely worth a ten hour drive and our parents can spoil their granddog a little more. I’m pleased we sat down to figure this out — it makes me feel like we can responsibly take all the trips we want to by just cutting a few corners. Hooray vacations!

Now the only thing hanging over my head is my book ADD. Now that my Kindle is covered, loaded with books, and ready to go I just wanna use ittttt! *insert whining here* The only problem? I’m still finishing Thursday’s book club book and two library books. Hopefully I can settle down to reading only a book or two at a time once I make the switch to the Kindle.

Ugh, I need to get back to work anyway. But Buddy just gassed me/made my work space inhabitable. (How does something like that come out of my SWEET little dog?!) I’m making my escape. Later y’all!


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About a Dog

Hubs and I got Buddy just about six months ago! I cannot believe it has been that long…

Lately, I still feel like I have NO CLUE as to what I’m doing with this animal. Take Sunday night for example: Buddy joined me on the bed for our normal bed time routine. I read (while Hubs watches TV for a little while in the living room) until I fall asleep with Buddy curled up near my feet. When Hubs comes to bed, he puts Buddy in his crate for the night. Well, instead of curling up nicely Sunday, Buddy hopped up, turned around twice, looked at me, and then peed right on the bed!

I was at a loss. There was a little bit of hollering, Buddy was promptly removed from the bed, the bed was stripped (for the second time that day, sigh), and we threw away our comforter. 😦 I was too wound up to relax again for a while so I did some internet research. After ruling out a UTI for our little dog, the internets concluded that he was asserting his dominance by “claiming” the most important place in the house. Come on, seriously Buddy? It appears that, before hitting one year old, our little dog has hit the teen years. We’ve been retraining him to understand that he should be submissive to us and, sadly, there will be no more bedtime cuddles as Buddy has lost ALL bed priviliges.

Last night, when we were starting to feel more in control of the situation, we took Buddy to the dog park to blow off some steam. It was a little warm and in the process our pooch over-hydrated himself. The result was our (normally 90%) housetrained dog peeing inside about 8 times in one hour — including one spectacular episode inside his crate, all over his blankets. (Our washing machine has been getting a workout lately.) At first, I was worried he might actually have a UTI. However, he wasn’t just trying to go without result. He had plenty of result. In fact, if I hadn’t watched his water intake at the dog park, I would have thought he had consumed a swimming pool with the amount of output he produced.

Long story short, trips to the dog park will now involve extended walks afterwards AND he’s getting a new, smaller crate that he won’t pee in. Doesn’t pet ownership sound awesome? 🙂

It really is though, and he’s totally worth it. In honor of our six month anniversary with Buddy the hound (and to remind me that I really do love our little pee machine) — here is a list of things I’ve learned in owning a dog.

1. You will always spend more than you think.
2. “Tuff” or “rugged” toys are lies. The dog will rip through them just as fast — but this time you’ve spent more money because it’s “tuff”.
3. If you are reading/watching/doing something you’re excited about/really into — this is when your dog will become crazy/destructive/pee in the house.
4. Dog snuggles are the fastest way to feel better after a long day.
5. Dogs also make excellent nap pillows. (Bonus points if they sigh really big when you cuddle up.)
6. Dogs help you meet your neighbors (especially the ones that own dogs themselves)!
7. They are great exercise motivators and will never turn you down for a walk.
8. If you’ve put something in the trash, the dog wants it. If you don’t pay attention after you put something in the trash, the dog will get it.
9. Dogs really do hate baths. If you want a pitiful dog face, put them in a tub.
10. Specific to my hound: Buddy grunts like a cow if you pet him vigorously while he’s on the floor. It’s probably one of my favorite things about him and his little hound face. When he does it, we tell him he has a “case of the grunties” and he grunts even more. Awesome!

All right, I suppose this brings my dog stories to an end for the day! Has your dog/pet done something infuriating or absurd lately?


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