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The Way I Like It!

Happy Saturday! My Georgia Bulldawgs started off the season with an amazing game against Louisiana-Lafayette. We ran away with the win (55-7) and I’m super excited to see what our season looks like!

Last night Hubs and I took advantage of a great sale at Whole Foods. Grass fed ground beef was only $3.99 a pound! We scored just under a pound and used the foreman to grill up some burgers. I topped mine with a slice and cheddar cheese and ate it bunless with a fork. On the side I had some yummy sauteed mushrooms and onions, and sauteed cabbage/raddichio. What a delicious dinner!

We also got a little carton of Ciao Bella Sorbet in Blackberry Cabernet. I really think Ciao Bella is one of my new favorite things. I’ve had raspberry, blood orange, etc and ALL are delicious. The flavors are so sharp and rich. It definitely satisfies my sweet tooth and I never end up eating a whole serving. The nutritional facts are pretty awesome and the ingredient list is always  short and doesn’t contain a single ingredient I struggle to pronounce. That is always a plus with me. Y’all seriously need to check this out. They also make little baby servings that come with their own plastic spoon. Love, love, love!

We slept in a little but still got a good start on our day. We were at Whole Foods (again, yes) by 9:30 stocking up for Game Day Breakfast. I love cooking up brunch and watching football. Hubs opted for two links of breakfast turkey sausage, an egg, a HUGE helping of sauteed kale, and an iced coffee. I went the chicken sausage (basil, garlic, sundried tomato), bagel, and (new) Naked Juice: Fruit & Veggie Machine. The nutritionals weren’t bad (260 cals and 1 g fat in the whole bottle) and that baby gave me two servings of veggies and a serving of fruit while tasting delish!

After the game, I had a little bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and headed to the gym. I spent 40 minutes on the elliptical and made it 2.66 miles and burned 250 calories while watching Texas play Rice. I swear, football makes everything better! I was ready to stay on the elliptical all day! I tried a few new stretches and iced my knees afterwards. I’m trying to alleviate some knee popping and marginal pain I’ve had since stepping up my workouts. We’ll see how this works.

The rest of the night: football! I’ll also be packing up for a week of work travel. I don’t leave until Monday afternoon, but we’re going to Richmond for a friend’s wedding tomorrow. Then, on Monday we’re driving from Richmond back to the DC airport so I need to be ready to go. Our work schedule this week looks pretty heavy, but I know I’ll be eating a lot so I need to make an effort to get work outs in. Work travel is always such a hard balance for me. We eat out every meal and in new cities where I really want to try the food. I want to find time to work out but I also don’t want to sacrifice sleep. Sitting in an mid-afternoon meeting (we’re talking me and three other people), fighting to stay awake is wretched. I’m crossing my fingers for efficient meetings so I can get some work outs in without cutting out too much sleep.

I probably won’t be around much for the next week since I won’t be taking a computer with me. Hopefully when I return, I’ll be able to report that I was successful in working out while on work travel. (If all else fails, maybe I’ll get a co-worker to watch my bag and I’ll walk some laps around airport terminals? :D)

Do you travel for work? Does it make it hard to fit in work outs?

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One part productive, one part lazy

Another Monday, another new week! Still good news to report here. I did an incline interval work out on Thursday and made it 3.2 miles in 42 minutes. I took Friday and Saturday off (inadvertently) and got back to it yesterday for a “run”. I warmed up, ran a mile at 6mph, walked .25 miles, ran another mile at 6mph and finally topped it all off with some cool down walking. My total mileage was 3.2 miles (again!) in 39 minutes.

I also managed to control my weekend eating — normally a HUGE struggle for me! We went to happy hour Friday night, but I made sure I didn’t drink too much and thus decide that nachos/ice cream/a huge bucket of fries sounded good for dinner. I’m pretty pleased with myself for not undoing a week’s worth of work during the weekend again. I popped onto the scale this morning and it appears that I’m down two pounds this week. My weight is hovering right at 150. I cannot wait to get back down into the 140s and then finally see the 130s for the first time in my adult life!

Friday I was super productive! I took my car to the dealership for her annual safety and emissions inspections as well as her 25k mile tune up. I spent the three hours in the waiting room plowing through Lauren Conrad’s second book (Sweet Little Lies). From there, I hustled to the Verizon store at the mall where I got myself a new phone (hooray for a non-chipped screen and an uncracked battery cover) and formally removed myself from my parent’s phone plan. I’m not gonna like that bill when it comes, but it is a nice feeling to be entirely independent from my parents.

The rest of the weekend was far lazier! I finished Sweet Little Lies and rather enjoyed it. This second book was far better than Conrad’s first (LA Candy). There was a plot arc and everything! I didn’t like that an abusive relationship took center stage, especially when so many young girls look up to Conrad. However, after struggling through Elegance of the Hedgehog some lighter fare was much appreciated. On Sunday, I started the last Stieg Larsson book, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. I loved the first two and anticipate enjoying this final installment just as much.

Hubs and I hooked up live-streaming Netflix via the Xbox this weekend — I am delighted! Since Hubs was working on a paper this weekend, I alternated reading with watching instant queue stuff. I never watched The Hills before, but after reading Conrad’s books, I was curious as to how parallel the “fiction book” is to the actual “reality show.” So, I queued up Season 1 and made it through 7/10 episodes over the weekend. I foresee more mini-marathons of tv Hubs refuses to watch in the future! We also started watching The Tudors when he took breaks from his paper. Tudor England is an interest of mine so I’m inclined to enjoy the show. It’s a little slow and there’s lots of boobs, but otherwise it’s enjoyable.

I made another round of banana bread muffins to enjoy with breakfast this week. I love the muffins and it’s really creating an incentive for me to not eat the bananas I buy at the beginning of the week. I mean, if I don’t eat them then I can make delicious baked treats with them. Who needs that additional serving of fruit each day during the week?! 😉

Today is a short work day for me — just another 2 hours and then I’m out of here. I’ll be off to let the eye doctor poke and prod my peepers. Inevitably he’ll tell me that my eyes have gotten worse. Then I’ll fork over some cash to order another year’s worth of contacts. Oh well. Hopefully my eyes will un-dilate with enough time for me to work out before running to the library and collecting hubs from class. My knees felt super off after my run last night, so I think I’ll be using the elliptical this evening.

Happy Monday Bloggies! Did you have a restful weekend? What’s the best thing you’ve watched recently?

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Five Miles? I got that!

My sole run of the week was surrounded by the best intentions. A busy start of the week, many wedding crafts and then a 48 hour migraine from hell kept me from lacing up my tennis shoes until today. However, I made up for lost time! I ran five miles!! Oh yes indeed, a new PDR and I’m thrilled!

I didn’t think I was going to make it. My last run was last Friday and it was just over 2.5 miles. However, I had it stuck in my head that five miles was going to happen. It was slower than I would have liked (avg pace of 11:11 min/mi) but I made it happen. Right now, distance is the big thing to me. If I can finish it then I’ll eventually improve my time.

My legs felt like lead weights and I ran out of water .25 miles from the end so I was THIRSTY! I came upstairs, stretched out and then set out to properly recover. I mixed up a fast smoothie: a banana, 2 cups of strawberry and pineapple, a dannon natural vanilla yogurt, 4 oz of fruit juice and 2 small handfulls of spinach. My knees were achy and I wanted to try icing this time to see if that helped with the soreness I’ve had with previous runs. I settled down on the floor with two bags of frozen vegetables (hey, I’ve got student loans so I can’t afford fancy ice bags) and my smoothie.

Ten minutes later I felt like a new woman. My legs are definitely still tired (as is the rest of me) but I ran five miles! We’re off to Whole Foods to pick up a few more grocery items for the week. I saw the new Luna Protein Bar there last time and I’m curious to try it. I’ll be grabbing one if they’re around still.


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At least I can blame it on being outside?

Run 2 while in Atlanta commenced on Christmas Eve at a local park. This was my first serious “training” run and it was definitely a wake up call. Thanks to advice from friends I was fairly well prepared for how to dress/what to expect in the cold. I borrowed a set of adjustable ear muffs from my mom and a squirt waterbottle from my step dad and set off. The first mile was a struggle. Drinking water definitely helped though — both with my overall feeling of well-being and with timing.  I cheated a bit and stopped by the car to drop off my jacket and pick up a pair of gloves. (I also stood around drinking water and catching my breath than I needed to really.)

Mile 2 was a battle. I mentally just didn’t have it. I finish up, stretched and collapsed into the driver’s seat. I was dizzy and not pleased.

Christmas morning, Santa-Mom brought me something that would change outdoor running for me: Nike+!!! Running friends have raved about this tool, so I was super eager to check it out. With a day full of Christmas eating to fuel me, I headed out this morning to test out my new toy and capitalize on my lessons learned from the previous run.

Something clicked. I felt great all the way through the first two miles. Instead of having to convince myself that I felt awesome (the mantra I repeat when I start to feel tired) — I actually did feel awesome. I did a modified third lap (which came in just under a mile) and went back to the car feeling much more satisfied. So, now I’m feeling like I might just be able to run this 5k all the way through come next weekend.

One other weird thing of note: my knees do not like outdoor running in cold weather. I find that they’re pretty sore as soon as I stop. This never happens on the treadmill. I suppose actual outdoor running is much higher impact. Hopefully this is normal…

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