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Win Some, Lose Some

Win: Ran another four miles (on the dreadmill) on Wednesday. Less nervous and more excited about this weekend’s four mile race.

Lose: It is hot, like face of the sun hot, here. I’m afraid the heat may take a toll on me/result in a poorer performance than I’d like to see this weekend.

Win: Book club was AWESOME last night! I love these ladies, I love cooking food for people, I love drinking wine and talking. I also love that whoever hosts has full reign over book selection. It has encouraged me to pick up books I wouldn’t have on my own.

Lose: I’ve been AWFUL about putting book reviews up here. I’ll see if I can crank one out about our most recent book club read (my pick): The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball.

Win: I ordered a wireless USB adapted to fix our laptop problem.

Lose: When the wireless adapter showed up, it either didn’t work or at least it didn’t solve the problem. I’m back to square one. If I had the money, I would just say eff it and buy a new laptop.

Win: I finally finished all but one of my library books (my bed time book) so I took my Kindle for its first commute yesterday. LOVE IT! I’m reading The Good Soldiers right now. People have hailed it as a modern day version of The Things They Carried (about the Vietnam War) which is one of my favorite books. I have high hopes for The Good Soldiers and so far have NOT been disappointed.

Lose: I still have not managed to get a job that pays me to read books in my PJs.

Win: Buddy was surprisingly well-behaved last night.

Lose: He still peed on the carpet once. So frustrated with house training him. Hubs and I are resolute that we’ll get this straightened out before he turns one in July.

In other news, my last remaining grandparent (Nana) fell in her kitchen earlier this week. She hit her head and her hip. Luckily she had no head injuries — not even a concussion. However, she did break her hip. After a day and a half on morphine, while waiting for an operating room to open up, Nana had a full hip replacement yesterday afternoon. My Aunt Pegs described her as a “happy drunk” after surgery; I am without words to describe how relieved I am that her surgery went well. She starts her long rehab process today. She is also 85. She has always been a “tough old lady” and I’m hoping she keeps her spirits up and sticks to rehab. It also makes me increbily thankful for my mobility and ease of movement. It makes me want to stay healthy throughout life in the hopes that I don’t end up at 85 stuck on the floor after a fall. Oh, and if you pray, could you send some thoughts Nana’s way? She and I would appreciate it!


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Oh, so that’s what it’s like…

I remember what a good run feels like! 

After my blog post about intimidation and my bad mindset when it comes to running, I chatted with a few of my runner friends and Hubs. Basically, the jist was — if you’re not going to enjoy it, why do it? Hubs reminded me that I need to think of running as fun and enjoy what I can push myself to do.

Tuesday, I came home to a sweaty Husband — fresh off 3 miles from our training plan and the treadmill.  I knew I needed to run, but decided that outside was the way to go. I set out with the aim of running 2 miles. I finished those two. They were not easy, but they were definitely not as hard as I had thought they would be. I decided that, after a half mile walking break, I was going to finish another mile. Hubs was not going to “beat” me! 

And, I did it! Granted, the last .4 mile was spent in the large parking lot across the street from my house. Cops use it for motorcycle training so it’s  closed to traffic. I’m sure I looked like a loon — jogging slowing back and forth across the parking lot. I was BRIGHT RED and at the point in my run where I didn’t give two damns if I even looked like I was running. My level of effort was a run in my mind, so I trekked around that parking lot until my trusty Garmin said it was quitting time. Proud doesn’t cover it!

Perhaps I needed the element of competition. Or, maybe I just needed crunch time? I had another pretty good run on Thursday. That time I stuck to 2.25 straight and walked it out to three miles to complete my mileage. After two recovery days (my poor, sore legs), I hit the treadmill this afternoon. (It was a little warm and sunny  for my pale skin outside.) This time, I ran intervals to keep myself from getting bored. 2 minutes at 5.5 and a minute at 6. With half a mile left, I increased my speed by .1 mile every minute until I finished my 2.5 miles. (Much speedier than normal too!) It sucked, seriously, but I made it happen and I’m pretty pleased with myself. I walked another mile to meet my mileage. (Cannot wait until I can run the full mileage for the week!)

So yeah, here I am, less than a week later, with three (for me) fairly strong runs under my belt. Our families are coming into town this week for Hubs’ graduation, but I’m going to try to still get my three runs in this week! Hooray consistency and double hooray for finally enjoying (for the most part) running again!


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Back in the Saddle

I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes from toughing out something you really didn’t want to do in the first place. That’s what I did yesterday. I didn’t want to run — still sore from Tuesdays Kettlebell attempts. But, I reminded myself that (a) I was going to HH/needed to earn my beers and (b) the half marathon wasn’t getting any farther away. It wasn’t pretty, but I’m so glad I did it. I’ll be lacing up my running shoes again tomorrow (either before or wayyy after my brunch with a few friends).

What I don’t love right now is the pollen. Ugh! I can’t breathe and my throat is sore. I love spring time and the arrival of temperate weather but it really wreaks havoc on my ability to suck in oxygen. I guess I can properly appreciate today’s nasty, rainy weather since it is hopefully washing away some of my nemesis!

I’ll be packing in an early lunch today before heading out to meet up with Aidan and head to Nicole’s baby shower. I’ve got my gift (which I may wrap in a garbage bag to keep it from getting soaked in transit) and I’m excited. I’ve never been to a baby shower before! I’ll have to try and control myself when it comes to finger foods and drinks. My weight has been falling again and I don’t want to mess that up. (This is one of those times when the struggle of giving up cheese for Lent comes in handy – it keeps me from eating ANYTHING and EVERYTHING  I want.)

Speaking of cheese, I have a hot date with Noodles and Co for a huge plate of Mac and Cheese in a week and a day! Anyone want to join me for that? (Or for the run I’ll be doing in an attempt to try and counteract some of that?)

Do you suffer from pollen like I do?

What’s your favorite party finger food? Mine is probably pot stickers or cheesy dips!

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I feel boring lately. I wake up, go to work, come home, clean my tupperware, pack up the next day’s food, have dinner, sit/watch tv/read a book, sleep, repeat. I’ve been in a serious work out funk and I need to break out. I want to go on a run, I really do. I even looked at races coming up and have my eye on two 10ks (one in November and one in December) but I suppose I should get a few runs in before I even think about registering.

Monday after work we took a new coworker out to Happy Hour where I had a delicious greek salad and a glass of white wine. New coworker has awesome friend potential written all over her AND she’s a marathoner. She invited me to join the running club she leads and she promises she is an epicly slow runner too.

Yesterday, I came home ready to go for a run. It turns out half the town was out of power. Our building only had one functioning elevator (for over 500 residents = bad news) and there was no power or a/c at all. That killed my run. Two main reasons: (1) running around here is great because there are sidewalks — but the drivers are aggressive. You were not about to find this girl dodging cars without the help of lights and crosswalks. (2) We live above the 9th floor and often times we do not have water pressure when the power is out. I’m way, way too much of a sweat-er when I work out to not have a guaranteed shower waiting for me at the end of the run. Instead, Hubs and I went out to eat and enjoyed each other’s company.

Today, it rained. I could have met up for a date with the dreadmill, but running inside really kills my enjoyment. That’s the fastest way, I’ve found, to not want to run again soon. My hopes are pinned on my day off tomorrow. Hubs is working from home and hopefully I can rouse myself early and hit the pavement. Tomorrow there WILL be a workout of some sort. No more lazy, lazy, slothful Anna!

Otherwise, I finished the first disc of Glee and am still in love! I cannot wait for Netflix to send me another disk! When not watching Glee, I’m reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma and enjoying it. It’s slow going but thought provoking. I’d definitely like to read more of Michael Pollen’s stuff. I need to finish Jane Eyre too. I left it behind during work travel and came back too engrossed in my current read to put it down. So, hopefully I’ll have a book review coming up soon. (Cause I’d really like to wrap these two books up!)

This weekend has some great things on tap: wine night/birthday celebrations, some serious football watching Saturday (hopefully cheering on my Dawgs to a win over Arkansas), and some cooking. Kelly had an amazing looking Mexican Casserole a few weeks ago that I wanna try and I have a huge can of Libby’s pumpkin in the cupboard that wants to be used. Anyone have a good recipe for soup that uses canned pumpkin?

Happy (early) Weekend folks! Tell me, what is the best thing that has happened to you lately?


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Brain Dump

It has been a hot minute and I’ve got so much stuffed in my little head. I don’t wanna overwhelm y’all so I’m gonna try to pull some of it together into a list.

1. Work Success – I survived a week of travel. It was touch and go there for a little bit, but I made it through. I also came back to a promotion — whoop whoop! And, Hubs is now a full-time, full-benefits employee. We’re moving up in the world around here.

2. Glee – I watched the first two episodes of season 1 last night. Love it! I can’t wait to watch more. I don’t know if Netflix will get them here fast enough. I feel like I’ve lived in a TV void for a few years. (What have I been watching?!) On the to-watch list: Mad Men, Modern Family, Gossip Girl Season 3, Glee, Office Season 6, Friday Night Lights.

3. Eats- I’m so glad to not be on travel anymore because of this. I was so veggie deprived last week. It was suprisingly hard to find good eats. I was in some strange situations which left me restricted in what I could eat. There were a lot of forced convenience choices. My body rejoiced with the first green smoothie after a long week of carbs and starch.

4. Fall – My favorite season! It really feels like it now. So many excellent things are coming up soon and I can barely contain my excitement. I can’t wait until sweatshirts are necessary.

5. Runs – Yes, the cool weather is back which means I’ll be sweating it out on the streets of Old Town again soon. I just cannot run in the heat. I’m sure it’s possible, but I never want to dislike my workouts so I try to stick to other stuff during the summer months. Fall = the return of running!

6. Blogger Meet Up – I’ve never done this before, but recently Emily of The Front Burner moved to my hood. I’m new to her blog, but she seems amazing. I mean, I would be a bad blogger if I didn’t meet up with folks that live literally down the street. I suppose I’m just always worried people will think I’m loud or overly chatty. I’m just southern, y’all…

Okay, that’s enough for now. Hopefully I can grab some time tomorrow to sneak in an actually entry as opposed to a list. Oh, and HOW is it mid-September?!

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The Grind

Whoops! Looks like I have a week to catch up on here.

Tuesday and Wednesday did not have formal work outs but my eats were on track. On Wednesday, hubs and I took a nice walk around the neighborhood for half an hour or so after dinner. It was nice to get out and get moving together. Thursday was, sadly, another day without the gym. Instead, I met a friend I haven’t seen in six months or so for dinner. I was super early and she got stuck in traffic, so I took advantage of the large mall I was at and walked laps around all four levels and the outside pavillion area. I would estimate that I walked for 35-40 minutes. So happy I took the advantage to move my body as opposed to sitting on a bench somewhere.

Friday I worked from home and decided to try and get in an outside run before it got too hot. (Side note: DC has been WAY TOO HOT for me this year. We’re breaking all kinds of temperature records and while I enjoy the summer, I don’t like triple digit heat.) I set off around 8:30 and it turns out that was probably still too late. When I left the apartment, it was about 83 degrees outside. I used my Garmin 305 for the first time and LOVED IT! I wish my run had been as awesome as the Garmin.

Instead, I struggled. Thanks to the Garmin, I knew I paced really well my first mile; I averaged under a ten minute mile which is RIDICULOUS for me. Heh, that came back to haunt me. While I intended to run three miles, my body quickly let me know that was not going to happen. I started to slow and I was drenched in sweat. No matter how much I guzzled from my water bottle, I was no match for the heat. I’m sure this gets easier, but this is probably ten degrees warmer than my “hottest” outside run. I was woefully unprepared. During my last half mile, I’m sure there were times where I didn’t even look like I was running. Regardless, I refused to stop until I hit two miles. My pace was glacial and I was so disappointed at having to stop. Never have I felt so wretched after a run. During my walk back to the apartment I’m sure I was weaving all over the sidewalk. At first, I was afraid I was either going to puke or pass out. I made it back alive and have never been so happy to feel a/c. My total distance was 3.65 miles in 56 minutes. Slightly shameful, but I seriously couldn’t move fast at all after I stopped running.

Lessons learned? HYDRATE before, during, and after. Also, when running in the crazy heat, make sure to pace yourself no matter how proud you are of  your current speed. In my mind, longer and slower is better than burning out fast like that I did on Friday.

Saturday I intended to go for a run with hubs around 8pm once things calmed down. My body, again, had other ideas and was super sore. Hubs was also feeling under the weather. I knew I would regret it if I didn’t get out and move around. So instead of a run, we took a jaunt out to Whole Foods to pick up dinner. We added in some extra loops and got our distance to 1.88 miles in 20 minutes (including the minute or two we spent waiting for walk signs and turning cars). After our walk in the heat, all I wanted was fruit and veg (hello dehydrated!) so I assembled a delicious salad and grabbed a berry smoothie. So tasty!

Today, Sunday, we got up super early (if it’s before 7:30 on a weekend day, that’s early for me) and headed to an awesome DC spot: Eastern Market. We met up with a few friends and walked around trying produce samples and smelling berries. The boys tired out quickly so my friend Kel and I have decided to return again without the boys. We’re not afraid to sweat it out for some delicious produce, fresh meat & cheese, and adorable flea market delights. We then went to one of my favorite restaurants, Matchbox, for brunch. While everyone else around the table ordered Bloody Mary Burgers (which feature a fried egg), I opted for their delish veggie frittatta (goat cheese, cremini mushrooms, baby spinach, peppers, and more) with a side of fruit (they toss it in a light yogurt and sprinkle cinnamon on top – yum)!

Sadly, I think some part of the frittatta did not agree with my body. I came home, laid on the couch and bemoaned my unsettled tummy for about four hours. I rallied enough to grocery shop – that’s horrible with an upset tummy. Had a little turkey sandwich and some goldfish for dinner (yay comfort food!) but my tummy said no, no, no when I thought about lacing up my sneakers for a run. 😦

So disappointed on the running front this weekend. Tomorrow is another day though. I’ll be fitting in a workout before I pick up hubs from class tomorrow evening. Hopefully my tummy has settled itself.

Aside from the Farmer’s Market this morning, there were two other highlights to the weekend. Hubs and I finally used up the rest of our Bed, Bath and Beyond giftcards from the wedding. We came home with two new non-stick frying pans (our old one was starting to chip, bad news), a springform pan, more hangers, some rubber spatulas, and a new dish scrubber among other things. The other highlight was finishing an AMAZING book: The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest by Stieg Larsson. I wish this man were still alive to continue the series. I loved all three books and would recommend them to anyone. There’s some graphic violence in all of them, but the writing is absolutely astounding. I’ve started My Name is Memory by Ann Brasheres. It seems similar to Time Traveler’s Wife (but crossing multiple time periods). I normally enjoy her writing, so hopefully this book follows suit.

Time to fix my food for work tomorrow. I must bid you goodnight. Sweet dreams bloggies!

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No music = no run?

Before yesterday, that was how I worked. The only thing that kept my feet pounding the ground were the tunes flowing out of my trusty little ipod. Moving hasn’t been kind to the ipod and thus it was uncharged yesterday. I didn’t realize this until I made it down into the lobby and had finished stretching.

At first, I panicked! I’d be able to hear myself breathing (like a heart-attack victim) and I wouldn’t have upbeat songs to carry me along when I got tired. But, I knew that if I took the time to go back upstairs and rifle around in our boxes for my old ipod, I probably would lose my tenuous motivation to run. So, I decided there was a first for everything and I needed to run!

I headed out on my usual course down into Old Town and to the waterfront. The weather was beautiful and breezy — five degrees warmer and it would have been perfect! The lack of music was surprisingly not detrimental. I think my pace was faster than normal too. If I didn’t have music to entertain me, I wanted to get there and get back! (I super-awkwardly ran with my ipod strapped to my arm and my earbuds in because I really had nowhere else to put it!)

My original goal was for a 5k-4miles. Getting home late from work and being behind on moving necessitated a shorter run. Based on my googlemap calculations, I made it about 2.5 miles. Not the best distance, but pretty darn good as far as I’m concerned for a girl who has never run tune-less before!

No work out tonight as it’s our last night with the old apartment — aka everything has to be out, thrown away and cleaned before we go to bed tonight. So, we’re gonna throw together some dinner — put tomorrow night’s in the slow cooker and make a little moving magic happen!


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Five Miles? I got that!

My sole run of the week was surrounded by the best intentions. A busy start of the week, many wedding crafts and then a 48 hour migraine from hell kept me from lacing up my tennis shoes until today. However, I made up for lost time! I ran five miles!! Oh yes indeed, a new PDR and I’m thrilled!

I didn’t think I was going to make it. My last run was last Friday and it was just over 2.5 miles. However, I had it stuck in my head that five miles was going to happen. It was slower than I would have liked (avg pace of 11:11 min/mi) but I made it happen. Right now, distance is the big thing to me. If I can finish it then I’ll eventually improve my time.

My legs felt like lead weights and I ran out of water .25 miles from the end so I was THIRSTY! I came upstairs, stretched out and then set out to properly recover. I mixed up a fast smoothie: a banana, 2 cups of strawberry and pineapple, a dannon natural vanilla yogurt, 4 oz of fruit juice and 2 small handfulls of spinach. My knees were achy and I wanted to try icing this time to see if that helped with the soreness I’ve had with previous runs. I settled down on the floor with two bags of frozen vegetables (hey, I’ve got student loans so I can’t afford fancy ice bags) and my smoothie.

Ten minutes later I felt like a new woman. My legs are definitely still tired (as is the rest of me) but I ran five miles! We’re off to Whole Foods to pick up a few more grocery items for the week. I saw the new Luna Protein Bar there last time and I’m curious to try it. I’ll be grabbing one if they’re around still.


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Good choices, bad choices

That pretty much sums up my weekend in Atlanta, thus far. I’ve made some really stellar food choices, I’ve made some marginally poor ones, and there was a cake decision at today’s recipe shower that should not be discussed ever again! I suppose I can use the: “But I’ll never have another wedding shower again” excuse?

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been on a decent exercising kick. I worked out six days this week (including the run I have planned tomorrow morning). I haven’t worked out that much and consistently in a LONG time. Several workouts were also longer than normal. One was over an hour and a couple others were between 40 minutes and an hour. Needless to say, I’m pretty proud of myself.

I even gathered my cajones and ran in my parents’ neighborhood Friday morning. Doesn’t sound like much, but this place is literally one hill after another. There is NO WAY to run without hitting SUPER steep hills. There are also no sidewalks in this town, so unless I wanted to dodge rush hour traffic I was sticking to the neighborhood. I ran for half an hour and made it 2.66 miles. I was pretty proud considering that I ran more hills than I ever have before.

I did lose to the second to last hill. It is literally one of the steepest hills I’ve ever seen. One time in high school, the roads were icy and my school bus slid back down this hill. Walking up it gets you out of breath fast. I made it probably 2/3 of the way up and felt like I was either going to throw up or I was going to fall. My legs felt like lead weights. So, in the interest of safety I let my pride take the fall instead and hustled up the rest of the hill walking. I’ll get you next time hill!

Tomorrow morning my parents are planning to go walking at a local greenway and I’ll be joining them for a run. It will be nice to run in a scenic area and have fewer hills to take on. I’m also super pumped about running right now. I’ll “blame” one of the most motivating bloggers I read, Meghann, for this one. I just read over her first post after completing 1/2 of the Gasparilla Michelob Challenge (day one: 15k, 5k; day two: marathon). That girl is an animal and her posts always make me want to run!

Time to watch some more Olympics. Talk about inspiration…

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Snow for the win

This post contains a great personal accomplishment and a whole lot of “failure.”

Friday was my regular day off. Tom was off to Vegas for his bachelor party. An inbound major winter storm had canceled my girl’s weekend to Annapolis. I figured the storm would keep me inside for the rest of the weekend, so I wanted to get out while I could. I woke up early enough to beat the snow, but late enough to sleep in. After suiting up in my winter weather gear, I hit the streets. Funny thing about practice runs outside – I don’t hit the wall that I do inside. I get continual bursts of energy. New songs on my ipod make me smile and my feet come off the ground higher. I get tired, my legs burn, my knees ache. But, I seem to not mind it as much outside. (Friday, my motivation was also fed by the fact that running would get me back inside and warm faster than walking would!)

I ran down through Old Town and wound up at the Waterfront as the first flakes started to fall. That was a really awesome experience. I was all at once overwhelmed by how beautiful weather is and the amazing things that I keep finding out my body can do. I turned and headed back toward my building with snow falling faster and thicker. It was really, really fun running in the snow. My total distance was 4.3 miles. My total time averaged into just over 11 minute miles — but that also includes the time I had to jog in place waiting for lights to chance. I swear, those things take so much longer when I’m out for a run.

However, since that awesome run, I haven’t laced my tennis shoes back up. The snow did come and in massive amounts. Old Town recorded right about 2 feet in a day and a half. I’ve never seen snow like that in my life before. So, instead of running, I went exploring. No tennis shoes for me and no nike+ strapped to my arm. Instead, I layered up and left in snow boots. Saturday I spent two hours walking around in the (driving) snow. Sunday, I was out for almost 3 and a half hours (part of that carrying groceries). Monday was another grocery store trip on foot. (Icy roads really deter southern girls from getting behind the wheel of their small, low to the ground, front-wheel drive cars.)

Miraculously, Tom was able to catch a flight back Monday night and only got back a day late. Shortly on his heels, the area was shut down again by ANOTHER storm that started last night and dropped another 10 and a half inches on us. Tom and I did a lap to the grocery store yesterday and helped free a stuck cabbie from a snow plow pile. (You know, I underestimated my efforts at the time — by my shoulders and arms are SUPER SORE today…) Last night we played in the snow and today we even went for a forty minute “jaunt” in our blizzard. It was a little nuts to say the least.

I have been off work since last Thursday and work was canceled for tomorrow. That’s a FULL week since I’ve been in the office. I feel like I should have logged more than one run. I’ve had the best intentions to run Monday, Tuesday and Today. Something about me just doesn’t want to go to the gym. It could be that my hours of traipsing through the snow have taken it out of me. Or, it might be the fact that I know I won’t feel that same enjoyment of running on a treadmill (and running outside is an entirely unrealistic proposition right now unless I want to go to the hospital for a break or sprain due to ice/packed snow). I really, really should run tomorrow.

However, Tom and I have a snow adventure plan and I honestly plan to let that take precedence. Running would be excellent for me. But snow like this doesn’t come around often. I intend to take full advantage of it while it’s here.

I don’t know if the By George 5k will still take place on Saturday. They emailed saying it’s up in the air. I know that if it does take place, I can run it so I’m not too worried there. It won’t be entirely pretty, but I’ll definitely finish. That has also killed my motivation to get another practice run in before the race.

So, here’s to the snow! Once it’s gone, I’ll return to my regularly scheduled runs. 🙂

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