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About a Dog

Hubs and I got Buddy just about six months ago! I cannot believe it has been that long…

Lately, I still feel like I have NO CLUE as to what I’m doing with this animal. Take Sunday night for example: Buddy joined me on the bed for our normal bed time routine. I read (while Hubs watches TV for a little while in the living room) until I fall asleep with Buddy curled up near my feet. When Hubs comes to bed, he puts Buddy in his crate for the night. Well, instead of curling up nicely Sunday, Buddy hopped up, turned around twice, looked at me, and then peed right on the bed!

I was at a loss. There was a little bit of hollering, Buddy was promptly removed from the bed, the bed was stripped (for the second time that day, sigh), and we threw away our comforter. 😦 I was too wound up to relax again for a while so I did some internet research. After ruling out a UTI for our little dog, the internets concluded that he was asserting his dominance by “claiming” the most important place in the house. Come on, seriously Buddy? It appears that, before hitting one year old, our little dog has hit the teen years. We’ve been retraining him to understand that he should be submissive to us and, sadly, there will be no more bedtime cuddles as Buddy has lost ALL bed priviliges.

Last night, when we were starting to feel more in control of the situation, we took Buddy to the dog park to blow off some steam. It was a little warm and in the process our pooch over-hydrated himself. The result was our (normally 90%) housetrained dog peeing inside about 8 times in one hour — including one spectacular episode inside his crate, all over his blankets. (Our washing machine has been getting a workout lately.) At first, I was worried he might actually have a UTI. However, he wasn’t just trying to go without result. He had plenty of result. In fact, if I hadn’t watched his water intake at the dog park, I would have thought he had consumed a swimming pool with the amount of output he produced.

Long story short, trips to the dog park will now involve extended walks afterwards AND he’s getting a new, smaller crate that he won’t pee in. Doesn’t pet ownership sound awesome? 🙂

It really is though, and he’s totally worth it. In honor of our six month anniversary with Buddy the hound (and to remind me that I really do love our little pee machine) — here is a list of things I’ve learned in owning a dog.

1. You will always spend more than you think.
2. “Tuff” or “rugged” toys are lies. The dog will rip through them just as fast — but this time you’ve spent more money because it’s “tuff”.
3. If you are reading/watching/doing something you’re excited about/really into — this is when your dog will become crazy/destructive/pee in the house.
4. Dog snuggles are the fastest way to feel better after a long day.
5. Dogs also make excellent nap pillows. (Bonus points if they sigh really big when you cuddle up.)
6. Dogs help you meet your neighbors (especially the ones that own dogs themselves)!
7. They are great exercise motivators and will never turn you down for a walk.
8. If you’ve put something in the trash, the dog wants it. If you don’t pay attention after you put something in the trash, the dog will get it.
9. Dogs really do hate baths. If you want a pitiful dog face, put them in a tub.
10. Specific to my hound: Buddy grunts like a cow if you pet him vigorously while he’s on the floor. It’s probably one of my favorite things about him and his little hound face. When he does it, we tell him he has a “case of the grunties” and he grunts even more. Awesome!

All right, I suppose this brings my dog stories to an end for the day! Has your dog/pet done something infuriating or absurd lately?


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Holy lack of blogging time, Batman

Y’all, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when we got our little Hound! (We have named him Buddy.) This dog is 100% adorable and is making friends left and right. However, I’m also learning why a lot of people suggested we get a slightly older shelter dog.

He is always into something. And really seems to miss us when we’re gone. That’s a sweet sentiment, but howling and barking loudly isn’t so cute. We’ve gotten him mostly conditioned to not bark and hopefully our neighbors won’t kick us out for noise now!

He has (potentially) more quirks than I do. Weird preferences for digging in the carpet, afraid of the tv (no longer) and the Christmas Tree, sighs hardcore once he gets settled into a comfortable position. This dog will also put up with anything and everything. We manhandle him so much and he loves it. He’s quite the playful little dog.

He is spoiled obnoxiously rotten. We’d give this dog almost anything. We are trying to save our possessions and furniture though. However, if he wants anything else, we’d probably get it for him. He also gets ALL of our time. We’re getting him on a schedule (out, fed, and on a walk before 6:30am rolls around) and he’s trying to use up all his puppy energy. I’m leaning to give myself a LOT more time to do things now. For example, I hosted book club this past Thursday — but I hadn’t finished the book. Whoops! Puppy means starting things sooner so that I can compensate for the delays he will inevitably (and adorably) cause.

But, I think it’s safe to say, this dog has stolen my heart. Back to regularly scheduled blogging soon. Also, Buddy says hi!

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Welcome Home!

P90x and Puppy! 019

He has been here for less than twelve hours. He still doesn’t have a name (cause Hubs is out of town until tonight). But, I adore him! He just loves to be around me and is so excited to be close. He’s sleeping at my feet with his duck right now. Between this little guy and Hubs, my little family and home feels so full!

P90x and Puppy! 023


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I get so emotional, baby

Growing up, I totally thought my stuffed animals had feelings. I thought they felt neglected when I slept with one of them over the others and I cried when I had to give any of them away to Goodwill. My parents have pictures of little me with SO MANY stuffed animals in the bed that there’s barely room for me. So, yes, I’m sentimental.

Meeting puppies on Saturday was heart breaking. I wanted to take all of them home and love them. Our first choice was the little guy we posted a picture of yesterday. Right now, his name is Christopher Robin. They asked us for a second choice so we picked his litter mate: a little girl puppy with brown and white fur named Piglet. She was so mellow and snuggly too. Plus, with a name like Piglet you have to love her. There was also a slightly older dog (11 months) named Hoppy that we considered.

So, since I’m anxiously awaiting an email from the adoption agency about our home visit, I checked their web site. Christopher Robin has adoption pending beside his name now!!! However, poor sweet little Piglet is the only puppy from the litter who doesn’t have a pending adoption. Perhaps I’m slightly horomonal or tired or something, but just thinking about that makes me want to cry. Who wouldn’t want that adorable animal? My Mom and Hubs have reassured me that she will no doubt be scooped up by a wonderful family soon. I know Hart works really hard to get these animals wonderful homes, but it just breaks my heart. Seriously, when I have a house I want to adopt so many little animals.

Since I can’t do that yet, I plan to spoil the fool out of our little guy. We’ve been pondering names and decided we want something kinda dopey since he has an adorable, dopey face. Our front runners are: Mister Winston, Mister Stanley, or Mister Bojangles. (Hubs really likes the idea of a vet asking for “Mister _____” when he’s looking for a dog. Hubs is goofy like that.) I’ve also decided he needs something spirited to tailgate at the UGA/GT game the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Maybe something like this (except, featuring my adorable dog) or this?

All right, off to stop being emotional about the millions of animals I want to love. I’ll just continue to stalk my email inbox for information on our home visit…

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