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The Way I Like It!

Happy Saturday! My Georgia Bulldawgs started off the season with an amazing game against Louisiana-Lafayette. We ran away with the win (55-7) and I’m super excited to see what our season looks like!

Last night Hubs and I took advantage of a great sale at Whole Foods. Grass fed ground beef was only $3.99 a pound! We scored just under a pound and used the foreman to grill up some burgers. I topped mine with a slice and cheddar cheese and ate it bunless with a fork. On the side I had some yummy sauteed mushrooms and onions, and sauteed cabbage/raddichio. What a delicious dinner!

We also got a little carton of Ciao Bella Sorbet in Blackberry Cabernet. I really think Ciao Bella is one of my new favorite things. I’ve had raspberry, blood orange, etc and ALL are delicious. The flavors are so sharp and rich. It definitely satisfies my sweet tooth and I never end up eating a whole serving. The nutritional facts are pretty awesome and the ingredient list is always¬† short and doesn’t contain a single ingredient I struggle to pronounce. That is always a plus with me. Y’all seriously need to check this out. They also make little baby servings that come with their own plastic spoon. Love, love, love!

We slept in a little but still got a good start on our day. We were at Whole Foods (again, yes) by 9:30 stocking up for Game Day Breakfast. I love cooking up brunch and watching football. Hubs opted for two links of breakfast turkey sausage, an egg, a HUGE helping of sauteed kale, and an iced coffee. I went the chicken sausage (basil, garlic, sundried tomato), bagel, and (new) Naked Juice: Fruit & Veggie Machine. The nutritionals weren’t bad (260 cals and 1 g fat in the whole bottle) and that baby gave me two servings of veggies and a serving of fruit while tasting delish!

After the game, I had a little bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and headed to the gym. I spent 40 minutes on the elliptical and made it 2.66 miles and burned 250 calories while watching Texas play Rice. I swear, football makes everything better! I was ready to stay on the elliptical all day! I tried a few new stretches and iced my knees afterwards. I’m trying to alleviate some knee popping and marginal pain I’ve had since stepping up my workouts. We’ll see how this works.

The rest of the night: football! I’ll also be packing up for a week of work travel. I don’t leave until Monday afternoon, but we’re going to Richmond for a friend’s wedding tomorrow. Then, on Monday we’re driving from Richmond back to the DC airport so I need to be ready to go. Our work schedule this week looks pretty heavy, but I know I’ll be eating a lot so I need to make an effort to get work outs in. Work travel is always such a hard balance for me. We eat out every meal and in new cities where I really want to try the food. I want to find time to work out but I also don’t want to sacrifice sleep. Sitting in an mid-afternoon meeting (we’re talking me and three other people), fighting to stay awake is wretched. I’m crossing my fingers for efficient meetings so I can get some work outs in without cutting out too much sleep.

I probably won’t be around much for the next week since I won’t be taking a computer with me. Hopefully when I return, I’ll be able to report that I was successful in working out while on work travel. (If all else fails, maybe I’ll get a co-worker to watch my bag and I’ll walk some laps around airport terminals? :D)

Do you travel for work? Does it make it hard to fit in work outs?


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Take Your Headache To Work Day?

This week has not started off on the right foot for me. The headache I’ve had since mid-day Friday stuck around all weekend long. In fact, it decided that it wanted to play this morning too. I woke up quite uncomfortably. Slept in a little bit and came into work a little late. The diet coke I sipped at lunch has helped moderately, but I still feel seriously off. I can’t figure out if I feel achy or if that’s just being sore from helping friends move on Saturday.

Let’s work backwards for a minute. Thursday was a great Lobster success! Coworkers, Hubs and I were toward the front of the line, so we had our traditional lobster rolls and accoutrements in about fifteen minutes. Hubs and I split the sandwich, chips and soda and while we were satisfied, it wasn’t really enough food to properly share. I think we both got about five bites of Lobster Roll — all five bites were scrumptious though. There were some SERIOUS chunks of lobster meat — including a massive piece of claw meat. The bun they use is amazing and I would love to see it featuring grilled cheese. Wow, that would be delish. When we finished chowing down and walked back to work, the line stretched down the block and halfway onto the next. My verdict: definitely yummy, but a lunch splurge. If you want lobster, make sure you’re in line early!

Friday was my day off. I filled it with errands and a haircut. So long hobo hair! I now have neat layers and my split ends are a thing of the past. I love my hairdresser and she’s super sweet. (She also gives an excellent shampoo massage while your head is draped into the sink.) If anyone in the DC area ever needs an awesome stylist, Rae at Pentagon City can definitely help you out. After saying goodbye to my hobo hair, I went to a grad school professor’s house for a little focus group. His place has a killer view and he’s a sweetheart so a group of us were more than happy to meet up and help out.

Saturday, Hubs and I fought the rally crowds to help Kristen and Daniel move. They have a really cute new place and I’m excited for them. Moving in together is always fun and having a nice apartment to boot is even better. One of my favorite aspects of their new place is that a UGA Fan lives down the hall from them. So, now I know they live in a good place!

That evening, Hubs and I cleaned up and went to dinner at Vermilion for my (very belated) birthday dinner.

We sat in the lounge area and ordered off their wonderful lounge/bar menu. It’s a really cozy set up against exposed brick walls (love!) with throw pillows everywhere. It was romatic and nice to sit on a little couch together and share some eats. The lounge is done half small plates/appetizers and half regular eats (but still cheaper than their traditional dinner menu). We grabbed some beers (Allagash White for me and Southern Tier 2x Double IPA for him) and split two appetizers: spinach and artichoke dip & fried pickles (called frickles). Both were phenomenal! For dinner, I got mini sliders and Hubs got a flank steak. We split a basket of fries between us. Yum, yum, yum! We tottered out fat and happy.

Sunday morning we continued our good eats at Jackson 20.

We were supposed to go for dinner last Saturday, but thanks to Friday night’s shenanigans we canceled our dinner reservations. I’m almost glad we did because brunch was to die for! We opted for their restaurant week menu: each person gets an appetizer, main dish and dessert for $20.10 (not including tip and tax). We split a crabcake & fried green tomato and a platter of shrimp fritters to start. Both were delicious, but the fritters won me over. Too often fritters turn into hushpuppies basically — all batter. If I wanted hushpuppies, I would ask for those! Instead, these fritters had a light coating of batter and all the attention was on the hunks of shrimp inside. Yum! Both Hubs and I got their Chesapeake benedict (eggs over crab cakes with an old bay hollandaise). Again, delicious. For dessert, we rounded out our meal with the Pot de Creme Chocolate (hubs) and Banana Pudding (me). Holy yum! There was even a carmelized banana half waiting on my plate. I would LOVE to try Jackson 20 again for dinner. I bet their BBQ is spot on. Oh, and I love piggies so I adored the huge pig sculptures in the restraunt. The napkin “rings” were little pigs too!

So, I suppose that brings us to the here and now. I’m glad I didn’t use up anymore sick leave than I did, but I would really rather not be here. Hopefully I can get some good rest tonight and feel like new in the morning?

What’s your favorite thing to eat for Brunch? Brunch is one of my fav meals so I’ll eat almost anything! I do love french toast though and a good omelet makes me weak in the knees! Also, biscuits and grits rank in at the top of my list!

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Crustaceans and Books

Spanish Guitar Man started off my morning in a delightful way y’all! I just want to give him a huge hug every Thursday am. Now, after a delicious (strong) cup of French Vanilla coffee and my ginormous green smoothie, I’m rocking along.

I have tomorrow off and I’m going to get my first haircut in about six months! Can’t wait to get rid of some of this dead weight and get some layers — no more hobo hair! I also have a date with the library (time to return my books) and am on a mission to find a luggage tag. My new suitcase needs a luggage tag. Yup, I finally pulled the trigger and bought a suitcase.

I had some serious struggles tracking down the suitcase I thought I wanted and perhaps that was divine intervention. I thought my old suitcase was 21″ when it turns out it’s 24″ — that’s quite a big difference when you’re packing for a week and need to cram in suits, heels, work out gear, and normal people clothes. So, lack of store inventory saved me from purchasing something too small! Instead, I ordered the 25″ version of the suitcase I wanted this morning from the Macy’s web site. And, get this, that sucker is actually just about the same price as the 21″ piece because the bigger one qualifies for free shipping! Four extra inches for free? Don’t mind if I do!! (I feel like there’s a “That’s what she said” joke in there somewhere…) Very excited to have a new suitcase and relieved that the suitcase hunt of 2010 is over.

Today’s other exciting note involves lobster. Lobster from a food truck.
DC has tons of delicious food trucks; the Lobster truck being one of the newest. Coworkers and I set out on a lobster quest on Tuesday, but the truck’s generator died so our lobster dreams went unfulfilled. However, they did hand out $2 off coupons — so there’s that. Today, we’re trying again. The truck was back in action last night so we plan to dine on lobster for lunch. It’s not cheap, but on the scale of DC lunch prices it’s not heinous either: $18 (well, $16 with our coupons) for a sandwich (with lots of yummy yummy lobster meat), chips, and a soda. Not the healthiest thing either, but Hubs and I plan to split a meal and supplement with carrots and apples. I really cannot wait — I’ll let you know how it is.

Okay, now that I’ve dispersed my lobster excitement, it’s time for books!

Zeitoun was published in 2009 by Dave Eggers (author of Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and What is the What). Eggers is a very talented story teller and he makes non-fiction read like a fiction book. Zeitoun tells the story of a Syrian American living in New Orleans. When Katrina rolls through, Zeitoun doesn’t evacuate with his wife and children but instead stays back to tend to their house and the other properties he works on (he is a contractor). He survives the hurricane just fine and takes to canoeing about the streets helping people after the flood sets in. However, on September 6th Zeitoun is arrested and detained in a makeshift parking lot prison made of razor wire. No one will really tell him why he is being held, he is denied medical care and the right to a phone call (leaving his wife in obvious distress). The entire proceeding is shady at best and horrifically intriguing. Zeitoun depicts a side of Katrina’s aftermath that most people (myself included) have never heard about. I definitely recommend this; it’s so easy to read and very interesting. (4/5)

This has been on my “nerdy” to-read list forever. I have a hard time buying books in hardback, so I waited the five or so years it took for this sucker to come out in paperback. Levitt and Dubner bring concepts of economics (and statistics) to bear on everyday situations. How is the KKK like Real Estate Agents? Why do so many crack dealers live with their mothers? Do the names parents give their children affect their life’s outcome? Everything is parsed down and explained simply; anyone could understand what they’re saying. And they make these topics, which are normally confined to textbooks, interesting! Bravo to them. However, I think I would have enjoyed the book more if I had read it before grad school. I had so many classes on statistics and economics and econometrics that I found the book basic on some levels. The topics were still incredibly interesting, but I think it would have had more of a “wow” effect on me if I didn’t have two years of similar study under my belt. Regardless, definitely check it out; it’s well written and an interesting read. (4/5)

As you can tell, after a rapid fire round of historical fiction and two books about mothers and daughters on Nantucket, I need a non-fiction book or two. ūüėČ I’m still working my way through Cyber Wars at work; some of the information in there is a little freaky. Hopefully I’ll finish that up soon. Anna Karenina is slow going and it takes a little effort for me to keep up with all these Russian names. I’ve got my fingers crossed that I can pick up the pace; otherwise, I’m going to have a hard time finishing the book before I leave in 11 days.

All right bloggies, I’m off to stalk the Lobster truck online¬†and take care of some work. Happy Thursday y’all!

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Playing Catch Up (For Real)!

So, I fell off the face of the earth. Really, it happened. What is it you ask? Let’s recap: Tuesday (the 17th) we had a delicious Restaurant Week dinner at SEI with Kristen. I love RW deals that include little cocktails in your price. Loved the food, want to go back ASAP! Moving on, Wednesday – Friday I was in work training all day and Hubs was at the beach with some friends. I did a lot of reading and working out. Friday night was Christina’s Bachelorette/adventures on the KegBus. It wasn’t the greatest night but over all, I enjoyed the company. Saturday we recovered from Friday night, I drank a lot of gatorade and we canceled our dinner reservations for that night. (Sad!) Sunday I felt like a new woman and we ate at Againn (pronounced: uh-gwinn) for RW with Dan and Andrew. Scones were great, dessert was out of this world; sadly everything else was just eh. Monday I booked some work travel (more on this in a minute) and yesterday I did (what I thought) was an easy treadmill workout that left me surprisingly sore this morning.

Whew! Okay, so there you have it. I worked out four times last week, which I’m thrilled with and I’ve finished two (well, really three) more books: Fly Away Home (Jennifer Weiner), Zeitoun (Dave Eggers), and (most of) Freakonomics (Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt). I also owe you guys a review of The Island. I’ll break them down and do two this time and two next time. (It’ll be a hot minute before I finish another book since I started Anna Karenina by Tolstoy this morning.)

This was my first book by Hilderbrand and for the most part I really enjoyed it. Her word choice seems a little forced sometimes (makes me wonder how many words the editor changed up) and she used the word “seminal” three or four times in the first 60 pages. (Seminal isn’t that popular of a word…) Diction grumbles aside, I enjoyed the storyline. Focuses on a Mom (Birdie), her two daughters (Chess and Tate), and the Mother’s sister (India) as they retreat to Tuckernuck — a secluded island near Nantucket. Hilderbrand writes from all four womens’ perspectives: newly divorced Birdie,¬†Chess (the older “perfect” daughter)¬†who just broke off an engagement, Tate (the younger daughter) who harbors a crush on their house’s caretaker, and India (the widow of a gifted artist). Quite a lot going on in the story which keeps it moving; great for the beach. (3.5/5)

Whoa, book #2 about Nantucket. Because I read these two back to back, I kept getting places and names confused. Also about a mother and her two daughters; this time the mother is the wife of a well-known Senator whose affair has recently come to light. Again, the eldest daughter is “perfect” but under the surface her life isn’t as good as it seems. The younger daughter is fresh out of rehab. Although it takes them most of the book, all three women end up in Nantucket looking for the answers to their problems. Another mainly happy ending. I think I would have enjoyed this book much more had I read something in between it and The Island. Weiner’s writing is, as always, wonderful. (3/5)

Okay, more books later. Onto the more exciting news! While I was in training last week, another work team in my division contacted me and asked me to travel with them. One of their team members can’t make it on one of their trips and I was more than happy to stand in! I’ll be traveling to Atlanta and New Orleans with two other women from work. I’ll lose part of my Labor Day weekend, but there are so many pluses: I’ll actually get to see my parents on this trip to Atlanta, I’ve never been to New Orleans and have wanted to go for so long, and since I’m traveling on Labor Day and the following Saturday I get some comp time since that’s outside of normal work hours. Wahoo! I’m a little apprehensive about flying on 9/11 (from New Orleans to DC) but I figure it’s now probably one of the safest days to fly. I’m just not gonna think about it. Instead, I’ll focus on the delightful Creole cuisine that awaits me! Any suggestions on where to dine? We’ll be there three nights but keep in mind that I’m also traveling with a vegetarian and another person who can’t eat dairy.

On my last work trip out west, my suitcase almost didn’t make it back to DC with me. I’m not going to chance that bad boy breaking down for real this time, so I’m in search of a new rolling bag on the cheap. I found one I like on overstock, but it’s a little bigger (25″) than my previous bag (21″). Since no one in the area carries the bag I want in stores, I’m walking to Macy’s at lunch to at least check out the sizing of a 25″ bag and see if it’s a comfortable size for me. I love, love, love to travel — even if it involves airplanes. ūüôā

What’s one place you’ve been wanting to go for a long, long time? Aside from New Orleans, I want to take a real trip to Disney World and I also really want to see Niagara Falls. (That’s just Continental US — my list of travel desires could take days to list!)

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New, improved: Grump Free!

Several hours, a reality check, and some serious work productivity later: I join you again for the grump free version of Friday. I re-read my previous post and feel like a serious complainer. I swear, I’m not negative Nancy all the time. So, here’s ten things that have made me incredibly happy in the past few days.

1. Quality family time in Atlanta. My Mom is my rock so seeing her for a few days is awesome. The rest of my family isn’t bad either. ūüėČ
2. Delicious Vietnamese with friends last night. (More to come on this shortly!)
3. Massive thunderstorms! DC has been rocked the past week — one amazing storm came through yesterday am right before I ran out to get my coffee. It looked like¬†3am/the apocalypse outside.
4. Lunch time walks. I have some really awesome friends¬†at work and when¬†the temperature outside doesn’t approximate the face of the sun, we go for lunch time¬†jaunts.
5. DC Food Trucks.   Seriously, need I say more?
6. Finding new blogs that I think I’m going to love: Beer and Burrito Body¬†and Cupcakes and Shoes.
7. Planning the mini-vacay with Hubs. (You’d better believe we’re already scoping out VA Beach restaurants!)
8. Friend and Bridesmaid Blair’s Graduation Celebration at a local bar with AWESOME happy hour specials. Four dollar specialty cocktails? Where do I sign up?
9. Spanish Guitar Man. Remember him? I mentioned him last Thursday and I got to hear him play again yesterday morning.
10. The freakin’ weekend! I’m not sure if I’ve ever met a person who enjoys sleeping in, making brunch, lounging on the couch, reading, and having time to get a REAL work out in as much as me! ūüôā (Okay, that might be a lie, but I really love it!)

Okay, so onto the things my grumpy alter ego promised you this morning.

Vietnamese Food
A group of friends from GW started a foodie group (aka excuse to eat out) just after graduation. Somehow it turned into baking cookies at various people’s houses. So, we revamped and launched round two last night at Minh’s in Arlington. Holy yum! This girl had never eatn Vietnamese food before and I was impressed. Service was a little slow and I had¬† to beg several times for a water refill, but otherwise I loved it. Hubs and I split an order of Rice Spring Rolls (fresh, light, and served with a delightful peanut based sauce) as well as some brisket Pho. I really enjoyed my first Pho experience – I’m interested to try more. The broth was flavorful and the meat was tender without being mealy.

For main eats, I had the Pork and Beef Vermicelli while Hubs got the Pork Vermicelli Northern Style. They put this massive bowl down in front of me and my eyes got huge. (Also, the “cup” of Pho was bigger than most bowls of soup I’ve had in my life.) Greens (including some cucumber, cilantro, parsley, etc) formed the first layer. Said greens were obscured by a massive helping of vermicelli topped off with my skewer of beef (so tender and tastily seasoned) and the shredded pork. Ground peanuts, some shredded carrots and a tasty helping of scallions were hiding in various corners of the bowl. It’s served with a sweet and spicy sauce that the server instructed me to dump into my bowl. I poured that sucker out and commenced mixing up my bowl (I like getting lots of tastes in one bite). Honestly, I could have eaten the whole thing. I was stuffed but it was just so good. Our table of nine ordered nine different things as well as a variety of appetizers and not one complaint was voiced.

What capped off a good meal? The price! For an appetizer, cup of soup, two heaping entrees, tax, and tip, Hubs and I were only out $40. By DC standards, Minh’s is doing it right! They’re super accessible by metro (close to both Court House and Clarendon stops) and they have a parking lot. (I recommend metro though so you can walk off some of your eats afterward.)

Wednesday, post-work, I spent 35 minutes of QT with the treadmill for some slow burn hill intervals. I was a sweaty mess after 2.33 miles and just over 250 cals. I adjourned to the weights for some more upper body work (chest press, shoulder press, lat pulls, etc). I wasn’t nearly as sore this time around! I cannot wait to start seeing more definition in my arms again.

Last night I finished Philippa Gregory’s lastest: The Red Queen. Gregory knows how to write historical fiction — plain and simple. Her books take¬†what we know of the past and then she adds some life. She brings the characters into 3D and makes them far more interesting. From my knowledge of history, she does this without taking away the truth of the story as well. The Red Queen is the second in Gregory’s series about the War of the Roses — this time from the Lancaster side of the fence. If you’re interested in this period in history, or in historical fiction in general, I definitely recommend this book and its predecessor (The White Queen about Elizabeth Woodville and the York family). 4/5

Okay y’all, I think that’s it for me. Technically I’m off at 3:30 but I don’t want to trek home for less than an hour just to trek back. That definitely does not make up for the hour and a half (or more!) that I’d spend sitting on a train. So, instead, I’m packing up my stuff and heading to a coffee shop to drink some tea and read until Hubs gets off work at 5:30. Oh, what am I reading? Well, I’m glad you asked! The library has provided me with Elin Hildebrand’s latest: The Island. I’ve never read anything of her’s before, but 65 pages in and I’m really enjoying the story. I’m sure I’ll tell you all about it once I’m done.

Y’all have a happy friday!

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A Weekend of Delight (once we got there…)

Well hi there! When I last left you all I was intending to jet off to the airport, pop into a steel death canister (plane), and make my way to Atlanta to (among other things) celebrate my delightful Mama’s birthday. Best laid plans, right?

Thursday afternoon the DC area got hit with a mega severe thunderstorm. We’re talking — looked like nighttime at 2:30 style storm. Being a 7 year old in a woman’s body, I gathered my coworkers into the breakroom and we watched the storm roll in. It was a nice break from work, but immediately I started wondering about my flight: would it be delayed? Would the bad weather continue?

I left work in a brief break between the downpours and scuttled to the train station. Chaos ensued. Turns out that the stop just before¬†my home stop¬†sustained some damage during the storm. It was enough damage to require trains to share one track. At rush hour. Joy! My forty minute commute turned into two hours. Luckily, while I sat in tunnels, my flight was delayed an hour. Otherwise, I was worried I wouldn’t make it home in time to grab my bags and then retrace my stops on the train to the airport. When I finally arrived to my home station, I sprinted from the train to the apartment, executed the fastest change and bag grab known to man and caught the next train back toward town. I even sprinted the broken (of course) escalator with my bag. I was wonderfully sweaty! Be proud!

I stepped off the train at the airport¬†just as Hubs was calling me. Calling me for what, you ask? Ah, yes, calling me to tell me that the flight I had stressed over and hustled for was canceled. I went inside, met him and we joined the line of about 200 other unfortunate souls that Delta had canceled. A friend of ours who travels a lot for work recently gave us some very helpful advice that I want to pass along. It seems like common sense, but you’d be surprised! If your flight is canceled or you miss it, get in line at the ticket counter to rebook but don’t just stand there — use your phone!¬†You can almost always get someone to help you on the phone faster than waiting in line.

Luckily, this was the case for us. Instead of spending hours in line with a ton of grumpsters, I got us rebooked on the earliest possible flight out (leaving from another area airport early Friday am) and we peaced out. Ta ta lines! Hubs and I went home, grabbed dinner, and passed out. We spent the next morning approximating the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles as we: walked to the train station, took a train into town, caught a bus to the airport, took a plane to Atlanta, and then rode home in a family member’s car. Oi!

Our trip to Atlanta was really wonderful though. I never feel like we have enough time there. We spent Friday out in the Virginia Highlands with a group of friends. Saturday, my Stepfather and I shopped for my Mama’s birthday, I met my (sorority) little sister for delectable froyo at Menchie’s (amazing – if you have one nearby, you must go!), and my parents met up with Hubs’ Parents, Hubs’ Brother and Girlfriend, and another of our groomsmen for a delicious homecooked meal. Sunday involved another sorority sister (my big and her ADORABLE 3.5lb puppy), iced coffee, Cheesecake Factory Gluttony (shameful, but amazing), a shopping trip to Kohl’s and another homecooked meal with friends.

My Mama’s birthday was Monday morning and we celebrated with a breakfast of leftover cheesecake. Not at all the most nutritious meal, but we had fun! Then, we went for a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood to stave off our cheesecake guilt. Following our walk, we had lunch at one of my favorite places in Atlanta: The Flying Biscuit. Everything on the menu is delectable and so much care goes into the food. I try to go at least once every time I’m in Atlanta! Sadly, that wound our Atlanta trip down and Mama took Hubs and I to the train station to say goodbye. Our flight back into DC was just fine until landing. I swear I thought our plane was going to crash on the National Mall. Not fun — this girl was THRILLED to be back on the ground!

Grocery shopping last night ate up anytime to workout, but tonight I am making my glorious return to the gym! I’m really looking forward to some cardio and weights — that cheesecake is still weighing heavily on my mind.

What was the worst thing you ate this weekend? Mine was definitely that breakfast cheesecake, ha ha ha!

Are you looking forward to any upcoming trips? Hubs and I are eyeing a beach vacay at the end of September when prices go down. I can’t wait to devour some seafood. We’re also already looking forward to our next trip to Atlanta for Thanksgiving. I suppose I shouldn’t start counting down to that yet!


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Why I love Cereal

I’ve always been a sucker for HUGE bowls of cereal. Admittedly, I will overfill my bowl with milk just so I can have an excuse to go back for more cereal. I left cereal behind after college and I’m sad about that — especially when there are so many delicious options. I’m trying to bring it back, in moderation of course.

A year or so ago when I started reading healthy living blogs like Meghann’s and Caitlin’s I had never considered the idea of cereal mixed with yogurt. I mean, really, yogurt? But, I tried it and was hooked! It’s my go to summer breakfast during the weekdays. I loooooove fresh fruit, cold yogurt and a little sweet crunch.

My most favorite new cereal find comes from Kashi: GoLean Crisp! Toasted Berry Crumble. This tasty find has decent stats too. A serving is 3/4 of a cup (the perfect size to compliment my berries and stonyfield yogurt) and contains:

  • 190 cals
  • 4g fat
  • 8g Fiber
  • 9g Protein

I think it’s love! What’s your favorite thing for breakfast right now?


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