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In seconds

Here is a fast life catch up! I have decided I am the world’s worst blogger. I wish I could make myself be better but sometimes I just want to sit on the couch with Hubs and the spoiled hound and a book. I want to be a good blogger and have people that read my blog, but right now I’m struggling.

Weight loss is going, tentatively, well! I’m afraid to get too excited early on since I tend to fade on this sort of thing after a week or two. But, so far so good. When I get a little more of a trend going, I’ll let you know. Pounds are going away and I’m staying excited so, so far so good!

My running, not as good. I have a super negative thought pattern related to running. All day long before a run (even one as short as 1.25miles) I think about how awful I am at running and how I don’t want to do it. And then, when I actually make it to the treadmill I find myself thinking about how hard I find running, etc. I need to get into a good head space for my runs. Any recommendations? I’m planning to make myself re-read the Feb Runner’s World article on positive mantras for starters.

I’ve added some little goals on the right hand side of the blog. I like mini-goals and having little things to look forward to and work on.

Other little things I’ve noticed? When it’s coldest (and/or snowing) my dog will inevitably take longer to do his thing outside. I’m afraid I’m getting sick? (I’ve got a headache, moderately sore throat, and some achey-ness in my shoulders and neck.) I have re-fallen in love with online shopping. The best thing I’ve bought lately?

I can’t wait for this bad boy to arrive next week. Happy Valentine’s Day to me! I love my slow cooker, so I can’t wait to break this in.

In the name of hopefully not being sick, it’s bed time for this bad blogger!

How do you “get your mind right” and conquer things you don’t want to do?



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