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Onto the next one

Better late than never! It’s time to welcome July with a quick look back at June.

1. Get my mileage up! (2/4) I did pretty well with this for most of the month. Even though my mileage wasn’t as high as it needed to be, I was pushing for long runs and running more often. The last week in June definitely suffered after Buddy’s accident. I’m looking forward to really kicking up a notch in July.
2. Weight train (at least once a week). (4/4) They may have not happened once a week as planned, but I did get (at least) four strength training sessions in. Sometimes it was just arms, sometimes it was the P90x “Ab Ripper X” dvd, sometimes it was both. I can’t wait to continue this and see my running and fitness continue to improve. 
3. Read three books that are non-fiction or classics. (4/3) I crushed this pretty much. Books: The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball, The Good Soldiers by David Finkel, Devil in the White City by Erik Larson, and The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis
4. Get Laptop fixed. Seriously, Anna. I did get an external hard drive for our fading desktop computer and I got a wireless USB thinking that might fix our laptop connectivity problems. But, unfortunuately, it still doesn’t recognize our home wireless even though all our other electronics do. 
5. Make a savings plan for summer fun trips. Hubs and I knocked this out pretty quickly. We’ve been following it successfully as well. 
6. Make four new recipes. (3/4) Again, I think I could have nailed this if we hadn’t spent the past week in a daze/frenzy after Buddy’s run in with a car. Still, three new recipes isn’t shabby! Quinoa salad for lunches, pound cake, and Thai Chicken Soup — I would make all of these again!

Time to look at July!
1. Try out four new recipes. I already have at least one in mind for next week! If we’re staying in with the hound for “house arrest” we might as well eat some good things!
2. Run 45 miles in July. After my Saturday run, I “only” need 42.5 more miles!
3. Read six books, three non-fiction or classic. The Kindle has been spurring on my reading. And with “hound house arrest” I should be able to read even more.
4. Share at least two book reviews. I’ll aim for our current book club pick and something perhaps a little fluffier.
5. Complete six strength training sessions for the month. I like seeing my body get stronger and my running get better.
6. Post at least 10 times this month.

What are you up to this month? Any suggestions for books to read or recipes to try? I’m all ears!


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Mid Year Resolution Gut Check

I’m a little astounded that we’re halfway through the year already. It feels like Christmas was a few weeks ago — how has the summer gotten here so fast?

I figured it was about time to give myself a little look in the mirror and see how I’m doing with my resolutions.

1) Re-introduce weights.
I could be doing so much better with this. I love lifting. I just need to remind myself of that. This month, I’m re-introducing it in manageable, baby bite sized chunks. Then, next month I’ll add a little more. I want to be toned and feel great come September for the half (more on that in a minute) and our beach trip.

2) Run a half marathon. 
I signed up for this race! Yes, I actually did it! And, to boot, I got my husband and two good friends on board as well. I’m registered, we have a hotel room, I’ve got a training plan, and dammit I am going to do this!

3) Vary my reading.
I’ve been doing pretty good with this little goal. I’m realizing that I’m definitely better at knocking out non-fiction as opposed to classics. That’s a pity because there are so many classics I want to read. I’m hoping that having a Kindle (and free access to a lot of these books) will improve my classics record.  Don’t forget to add me as a friend on Goodreads! I love stealing book ideas from people. 🙂

4) Write letters.
I did pretty well with this for the first few months. Then, I got a few letters back and saved them with the intention of responding. They are still sitting in my cubby of the living room table. Whoops! I’ll work on sending some post cards from my trips this summer!

5) Get student loans under $X.
This is going very well. We are chugging away. I did some calculations yesterday about how much we’ve paid off in the (just under) two years we’ve been paying on the loans. I am astounded by how well we’ve done. Definitely on track here to meet my goal and pay off the loans before this time next year!

6) Cook!
Doing very well here too! Hubs and I have definitely been entertaining a lot. I’ve been picking a lot of our recipes for our meals and am generally starting to feel very at home in the kitchen!

7) Stop wasting time.
I gave up Facebook for Lent and that helped with this for a while. Lately, I’ve found myself killing time again lately. Refreshing facebook, twitter, and news sites. Re-checking blogs that I just looked at. Mindlessly watching TV that Hubs has on. I’m trying to avoid these time sucks but by the time I realize what I’m doing sometimes, I’ve wasted half an hour! Must stop wasting time! 

I’m satisfied with that. Looks like 3 goals could use some improvements and 4 are coming along swimmingly! Thankfully no huge failures on the horizon here! How are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions?


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I Love June

Why is that? Because June brings my Birthday! It’s today, in fact! 🙂 I love birthdays and 26 is not disappointing!

It’s also a new month (and the halfway mark on the year). So, let’s see how I did in May…
1. Create half marathon training plan.
Check! I’ve been just about on pace with my long runs, but my overall weekly distance is NOT where it should be.
2. Complete six strength training work outs (2/6)
Obviously I, once again, slacked off here. I’m finding it very hard to make time in my workout schedule of runs to strength train, but I know it’s key to a successful race and fitness program. Sigh.
3. Read six books (6/6) 
Check! I’m reading about five simultaneously right now…
4. Of those six, read two classics (1/2) [Mansfield Park] and one non-fiction (2/1) [Bossy Pants, The House on First Street] 
Okay, so I didn’t read two classics and one non-fiction. Instead I read one classic and two non-fictions. I think that counts!
5. Beat my previous 5k time during this month’s 5k.
Going into this race, I was worried about finishing. But, I actually PR’ed! My new 5k best is 34:39. Onward and upward!
6. Eat at 3 new restaurants (3/3) [Lincoln – DC, Captain Billy’s Crab House – Southern MD, Eventide – Arlington]
While I visited three new places, I only had a drink at Eventide. I’m still gonna count it though!
7. Be more consistent with blogging! Post at least 16 times this month. (4/16) 
Toot toot! Here comes the fail boat… I suck at blogging lately. I think this is because my laptop doesn’t recognize the wireless in our apt anymore. I have live writer on that computer too. Our desktop is slowly dying and takes FOREVER to load pages. The combo = very little blogging motivation.

On Deck for June:
1. Get my mileage up! (0/4)
Right now, my training plan has me running 15 miles a week in addition to my long run. I’m definitely not there and I need to work on it! I will be aiming to run 10-15 miles each week.
2. Weight train (at least once a week). (0/4)
This is totally doable. If I don’t want to weight train and run on the same day, all I have to do is get myself into the gym or in front of the TV with my kettle bell ONE TIME a week. Do it, Anna. You will thank yourself.
3. Read three books that are non-fiction or classics. (0/3)
Again, trying to keep my reading varied. Hubs got me a Kindle for my birthday and I’ve downloaded some of the free classics. Hopefully that will help!
4. Get Laptop fixed. Seriously, Anna. 
I just need to take that sucker to best buy or something and get someone to tell me why the computer knows the wireless is there but refuses to connect to the internet.
(While I’m there, I should probably buy an external hard drive to back up our failing desktop…)
5. Make a savings plan for summer fun trips.
Hubs and I are fortunate to be going away for at least a weekend in July, August, and September. Super stoked for that, but since money doesn’t grow on trees we need to figure out how we’re going to pay for all this.
6. Make four new recipes. (0/4)
I cooked up a storm last month and want to keep that going! Being in the kitchen is becoming more and more relaxing for me.

Well, that should keep me busy for a month… especially considering everything else that’s going on!
– My 26th Birthday!!!
– Awesome friends (Dan and Kelly) move into our building
– Crawfish Boil with the Louisiana State Society
– Husband in Boston for a week
– Hosting book club ladies
– 4 Mile Twilight Race (my first four miler ever!)
– Finishing one project at work and simultaneously starting another

Hold on y’all! I have a feeling it’s gonna be a good month!

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Welcome, 2011!

Does anyone else keep accidentally typing 2001 instead of 2011? It’s like my fingers know they need to repeat a number, but they’re definitely still more used to repeating 00 as opposed to 11!

Post-Tapas feasting, Hubs and I posted up on the couch and had a wonderful, relaxing New Year’s Eve. This pretty much sums it up.
Holidays 001
I felt moderately like an old lady reading , watching football, painting my nails, and relaxing instead of being out and about but it was a nice change of pace. It was also wonderful to wake up without a hangover!

Okay, so it’s 2011 and I’ve got some resolutions to share!

1) Re-introduce weights. I love weight training, I love being and feeling strong. It’s time to start lifting weights again and incorporating that into my work out routine.

2) Run a half marathon. Yes, there, I put it in writing. This is going to be a serious challenge for me. Weight lifting will be key in this as will a good training plan. One of my co-workers and friends, Thea, will be helping me develop a plan. Any ideas, tips, tricks are welcome! As a part of this goal/resolution, I am aiming to run at least 3 (but ideally 5) races of various lengths before my half. I aim to run the half sometime in late summer; currently, I have my eye on this race. More on this soon!

3) Vary my reading. I read a lot. I finished 62 books in 2010 and read almost 24,000 pages. I want to read more non-fiction and more classics this year. I know that might lower the number of books I finish (cause nothing reads as fast as generic fiction) but as long as I stay over 50 books I’m good to go! If you want to follow along or check out what I’m reading, add me as a friend on Goodreads!

4) Write letters. I love getting mail – the worst thing is that most of the mail I get is in the form of bills. No one really likes bills. So, I’m trying to put some snail mail out there. I know I have quite a few friends out there too who would love to see a letter or postcard as opposed to a bill in their mailbox. (Do you want a letter? Send me your address! annathamlin@gmail.com)

5) Get student loans under $X. I have a certain goal in mind. I won’t share it here because money is weird like that. But let’s just say that this is a serious part of my plan to get my loans paid off by my 27th birthday (June 2012).

6) Cook! Hubs and I got a TON of cook books as wedding presents. One of my aunts even threw us a recipe shower. I’m at a point where cooking and baking are enjoyable. They relax me and more often than not, the results are pretty tasty. I’m proud of finally knowing what’s up in the kitchen (to an extent) and I’m looking forward to expanding my abilities!

7) Stop wasting time. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve wasted in life – staring at the computer, refreshing facebook status feeds, updating twitter, watching tv shows I don’t even care about. I want to start consciously using my time. I know I can do so much more – cooking, reading, working out, spending quality time with Hubs, the hound,  my friends, etc. if I’m not wasting away with a computer in my lap or my eyes glued to the tv.

So, there you have it! This is what I want to do in 2011. What are your goals and resolutions?


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Just Not Feeling It

It being blogging. I’ve been reading other people’s posts and thinking about my own, but I just haven’t wanted to post lately. Don’t know what it is, but perhaps the blogging mojo has left me for the time being.

I’m still working out (more weights focused than jogging) and working to banish my post-wedding gains. (Down another pound this week!) I suppose I just haven’t felt super share-y lately. My hat is off to bloggers that post daily or even multiple times a day. I just don’t have that in me!

I mentioned in my last post about fishing that I’ve taken a hiatus from running. With a little tutoring from Hubs, I’ve started working out my legs again with the weight equipment in my building. Basically, my knees were quite stiff, painful, and made a lot of popping noises after running. It was different from the first time I started running – then my knees only ached when I ran in the cold, cold weather. I decided to focus on putting some leg muscle back on before I started really trying to run. So, tomorrow is another date with the leg machines and some low impact cardio. Hopefully next week I can go for a short run and see reduced pain!

The fishing post also noted that Hubs was taking on a crazy fitness challenge. Yup, he’s hitting P90X. He plans to start in the next week or two and fully accepts that he will be sore, sore, sore. But, I think he’s finally ready to get back on the horse and thinks this will give him a format and structure that he’ll want to follow. (Try as I might, I just can’t get him to go running with me. Sad smile) Maybe I’ll try a few of the cardio based workouts with him!

Yesterday, I spent a lot of quality time with our couch. Before the couch, it was the floor of the bathroom. I woke up early into Wednesday morning, just a few hours after going to sleep, knowing something wasn’t right. So, I set up camp on the bathroom floor and tried to make peace with the situation. I’m lucky enough to have plenty of sick leave and I called out on Wednesday as the thought of leaving the apartment, much less riding the subway to work, made my head spin and tummy churn.

I’m feeling much better today but my tummy is still slightly off. It has been very vocal today about the things I give it and seemed rather displeased about the coffee I drank this morning. Hopefully tomorrow will see me at 100%.

I’m plowing through an interesting book right now: The Year of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs. I’ll review it (and The Art of Racing in the Rain) once I finish. I also grabbed a stack of books from the library earlier this week: The Luxe (Oh guilty pleasure reading), Eating Animals, and The Passage. After the library, I hit up Barnes and Noble for our book club selection (cause you can never have too many books): Never Let Me Go. So much reading – I wish I could master working out and reading at the same time. It’s enough to make a girl consider a subscription to Audible! Anyone want to hook a girl up for an early Christmas present? I’d love you forever!

Time to be an indulgent wife – Hubs wants to play his video game and I want to watch the FSU/NC State game. I figure, he has to go to work tomorrow and I have the day off. Thus, some video game playing and then we’ll watch a little of the game. (Also, for the record, please note that Assassins Creed II kinda gives me the willies.)

Night Bloggies!


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