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Monday Delays

My body clearly was not ready to come back to work! I tossed and turned all night — it was one of those nights of sleep where you never really feel like you fall asleep. Oh well. I woke up to lightning in the distance and the threat of rain. Boo! Rainy Mondays are rough. However, it did give me a chance to try out my new rain boots and rain coat so I guess it’s okay. Despite being super tired, I popped out the door right on time and caught my train. My train had other ideas though; I guess it was tired too. Our train system had serious delays this morning which made me half an hour late to work. Ah! I barely made it to my little coffee shop in time for the early bird discount.

Never fear though, I’ve been a machine since getting in. And, I have happy hour to look forward to tonight. Hooray!

I’m wrapping up my lunch break and made the mistake of wandering over to Amazon and eyeing some things I want. Namely – a new iPod (since mine has started acting up), a web cam (for skype!), and some new moleskine volant notebooks (thanks to re-reading my paper journals). We’ll see what happens there. Anyone have a web cam they’d recommend? We have a relatively new Dell laptop it would be operating on…

Oh! And I also signed up for two races this morning. A 5k in May that starts just down the street from me and a 4 miler in June with Blair and Mia. I feel a sign up coming on for my Half in September. I just need them to run another special so I can get my registration on the cheap(er)!

Happy Monday Y’all! Hope it’s not rainy for you today!

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In Like A Lion

Y’all, it is March! I’m having real issues trying to wrap my mind around the fact that two months are already gone?! Also having a lot of fun thinking back to this time last year. I was in the last month of wedding planning and life was such a whirlwind. Now, I’m getting ready to go on my one year anniversary trip with Hubs!

I love a good list, so let’s look back at what I wanted to do in Feb and how well that worked out for me. Annnnnd, I’ve got some more goals for March.

1. Read five books (Check – Three Cups of Tea, Happy Ever After, You Know When the Men Are Gone, Firefly Lane, and She’s Come Undone)
2. One of those books, non fiction (Check – Three Cups of Tea)
3. Try six new recipes (Ehhh – 3/6) [Emily’s Healthy Spinach and Artichoke Dip, Kelly’s Chicken Parisienne, and Black Bean Veggie Chili] Side Note: The Chili came out of my new SlowCooker book for a Chili Cook Off at work. It won me the “Chili with the Best Texture Award” and I cannot wait to try more recipes out of there!!

1. Read another five books (0/5) This should be pretty easy since we’re taking our anniversary trip to the mountains for some serious relaxation! I cannot wait to sit on my porch/in my hot tub with a cup of coffee/glass of wine and read with the mountains in the background!!
2. One of those books, non fiction or classic (0/1) I’m reading Anne of Green Gables again via Daily Lit but I doubt I’ll finish it this month. There are plenty of other books I can turn to, including Stones into Schools!
3. Try out at least three new recipes (0/3) SlowCooker cookbook? I’m coming for you! I’ve already got plans this week to make a spinach and mushroom lasagna in the crock pot.
4. Write three letters (0/3) I started out with a resolution to write people more and I’ve sucked — to put it lightly.
5. Be able to run three miles straight This includes working on my half marathon training. Right now, I’m sucking wind and I’m ready to be a comfortable runner again.
6. Buy a kettlebell and do a kettlebell workout at least three times (0/3) I’ve been on the verge of purchasing a 15lb kettlebell for the past couple weeks (that and the half dozen books in my Amazon shopping cart). I just need to pull the trigger. I resolved to lift more weights so now it’s time to do it! Plus, a little tone in my arms for my cousin’s beach wedding in April wouldn’t be awful!

So what’s going on in March? I already mentioned that we’re spending a week (five nights, really) in the mountains for our anniversary trip over Hubs’ spring break! I think we’re also trying to get away the night of our actual anniversary too. By the end of the month, I swear, I’ll be able to run a 5k without keeling over and, hopefully, I’ll be another five pounds lighter? (I’d settle for three though!) I also really want to have meals with friends more. I enjoy cooking for people and also delight in being cooked for. 🙂 We have a lot of really great friends that share similar sentiments so hopefully we can capitalize on that. Oh, and I want to spend some good, quality time with all the amazing women in my life. I was having margaritas with Blair and Mia the other night and I was thinking about how blessed I am to have so many strong, positive, supportive women that have my back.

All right, enough prattling. I know I still owe y’all a review of Restaurant Eve and it will be even better now because Hubs and I went back last Friday. (Oh yes, we did!) So, stay tuned for that. Time for me to valiantly resist my chili cook off induced coma…


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Snow Envy

Y’all, half my work team is in Boston where they are getting copious amounts of snow. DC has some cold misty drizzle. I would like to trade? I know they’ll probably be stuck in an airport for a while, but still… I like to read, I love magazines. I’m pretty sure I could post up fairly comfortably at an airport watching it snow (and getting paid for it) as long as I had something to read.

Okay, moving on from my serious case of snow jealousy! I had a serious reckoning moment yesterday morning with the scale. One-five-five showed up. Eeeeek! I keep writing in here about how I don’t like the number creeping up, I’m going to do something, yadda yadda yadda. But, why don’t I actually do something about it?

There was some serious grocery shopping done and I re-acquianted myself with sparkpeople. (I’m AlsoAnnaBanana if you want to look for me — my profile is super sad currently.) I adjusted my calorie intakes and work out schedule on there to realistic goals and ranges. And, taking some serious inspiration from Brie, I dove back into calorie counting and weight loss. I’m eating clean, eating less, and moving more again — and I already feel better. I’ve socked aside a little extra money for some new work clothes, so I plan to reward myself when I drop some of this pesky post wedding weight.

I also sat down with awesome co-worker Thea and started putting together a training plan for a half marathon. Since my goal race isn’t until Labor Day weekened, we’ve got some time to play with. Given my previous issues with my knees, a slow start is a good start. My current plan is to be comfortable running a 5k again by March 4th (six months from my race date). After that, for March and April I’ll be uping my runs from two a week to three a week with mileage ranging from 2-5 miles for each run. Then, come May we’ll sit down to map out my real training plan. I’m excited to enjoy running again. And, hopefully since I’ve aired all this out here, I’ll have some accountability.

I still need to talk about that awesome blogger badge that Kelly gave me, but my work computer doesn’t play as nicely with wordpress as my home computer, so that will have to wait for a few more hours. However, I did want to share with you two of my current favorite things (on my new eating plan)! They were on yesterday’s lunch menu and will feature again today – all I can say, is holy yum!

Up first: Pacific’s new “hearty carton” soups! I’ve had the Chipotle Sweet Potato and the Roasted Garlic and Mushroom Lentil, so yesterday I tried out a third new soup:

Lemongrass is one of my favorite ingredients, so I was immediately won over. The perfect amount of spicy heat, yummy flavors and little chunks of sweet potato left me very satisfied. Also awesome – these soups come in two serving cartons. They’re perfect for bringing to work. Use one serving, close it up, put it in the fridge, and use the second serving the next day. I bring my lunch to save $$$ and calories, but I hate all the prep work and hauling stuff in every day. This soup just made my life a lot easier!

My other love is something I’ve had before, but it has been a few months. Annie’s Organic Dressings are all around pretty tasty, but I have a profound affection for the Goddess Dressing.

This is definitely the perfect way to spice up a boring salad in my book. While the $3.99 price tag (for 8 servings) makes me flinch a little, I know I’ll eat my greens with this on top of it. So, I’ll pony up the money in order to keep my taste buds happy.

Okay folks, I’ve got a few clementines calling my name. I hope you’re having a snowier Tuesday than me!


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Back to Life…

Back to reality! (Okay, maybe not that excited, but still.)

I love work travel, but I also kinda like being in a routine. It’s so much easier to eat well, plan workouts, not splurge, etc. Also, I miss the Husband and the Hound when I’m gone.

So, here’s what I’ve been up to:
Hmm, now I want to go back to the West Coast, drink lots of coffee and eat a ton of fresh produce! Yum!

I’ve got some catching up to do. Kelly gave me a blogger award that I need to respond to! Brie has been hardcore inspiring me to get my eating and workouts in check. (More on some short term goals soon!) And, I’ve finished a couple good books (halfway through Born to Run).

So, with that said, I’m taking my sore throat to bed. (Seriously, why do I always feel sickly after traveling?) Night y’all!


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A week in pictures

While I catch up on life and get ready for the next week back in the office, here are some pictures to catch you up on what I’ve been seeing, eating, reading, doing, etc.

2011 Trip 1 088

2011 Trip 1 004

2011 Trip 1 015

2011 Trip 1 013

2011 Trip 1 019

2011 Trip 1 022

2011 Trip 1 044

2011 Trip 1 069

2011 Trip 1 070

2011 Trip 1 078

2011 Trip 1 081

2011 Trip 1 082

2011 Trip 1 087

So, can you guess where I’ve been? Smile


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Attending to necessities

Another successful day! Working from home makes it so much easier to eat well and work out. I don’t have to spend extend periods of time pre-planning and packing what I think I might want for lunch the next day. Nor do I waste an hour and a half every day commuting. More sleep = more productive Anna. And, the access to a gym (as previously mentioned) also makes me a very happy woman!

During my “lunch break” yesterday, I spent 40 minutes on the treadmill. During that time, I ran 1.5 miles at an average speed of 6mph. I also spent some time walking hills/inclines for an additional 1.7 miles. The run definitely got my heart rate up and turned me into a champion sweater. I’m finding that while my lungs and heart don’t exactly like running at 6 or 6.2mph, anything slower makes my legs feel like stone. So strange. While 6 is still fast for me, I think it’s a more comfortable speed — my lungs and heart will learn to deal! Looking forward to another lunch hour workout today too.

I repeated my rice, beans, alfredo combo for lunch (just sans the veggie burger this time) with a side of tortilla chips. Delish! I met two friends for happy hour/dinner at California Pizza Kitchen last night and enjoyed half of the Greek Pizza. It was delightfully covered in lots of diced veggies and avocado. (You can sub grilled chicken for avocado — definitely hit the spot). There was even a little drizzle of Taziki Dressing which I LOVED!

I’m rocking my awesome, crooked glasses this morning. My contacts started bothering me Tuesday after work. I only have one pair left so I need to get in to see an eye doc and order some more contacts. The office opens at ten, so I’ll be calling them up. I am reticent to put in my last pair of contacts before I have a set time to get more!

The other thing burning up on my to do list is my car. Baby needs an oil change and her annual inspection so I can update my tags. Three cheers for being an adult, right? I suppose that means I also need to make my way into a Verizon store sometime soon so I can extract myself from my parents’ phone plan. That’s the last thing they still pay for so I guess it’s time to fully cut the cord. Ha ha!

I’m off to put in a little more productivity before my work out. Anyone with photo tips (see my previous post) is more than welcome to leave them here! I still need helps!

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