I’m starting to wonder if I have bitten off more than I can chew. Saturday I had my first run in a month or so. This is my fault, fully. And, because I have slacked, I made it 1.89 miles before I stopped. It was not pretty.

I gave myself two days to slough off the soreness. Today I took advantage of the fact that I’m on an 8-hour schedule (more on this in a minute) and off at 3:30. I beat the apartment gym rush and secured myself a treadmill. This time I made it 2.3 miles in 22 minutes or so according to the Nike+. Granted, this is much faster than I normally run but I was still sorely (meant in many ways) disappointed that I’m struggling like this.

In light of my struggle, I came upstairs to have a good look at a calendar and the number of days I have between me and the quarter marathon that I signed up to run. Keeping in mind that I probably want to give my legs a few days off from running, I need to have my last run on Wednesday, May 5th. That’s 22 short days from now. Oi! That means that if I run every other day, I need to add .4 of a mile for each run. I need to really lay the hammer down and make this happen.

Throwing a wrench in my plans is a hearty dose of work travel. Tom and I head home for a wedding (not ours this time!) this weekend. Sunday night we return and Monday I head out for a week of work travel. I’ll return that Friday only to spend Saturday and Sunday moving into our new apartment and running the GW Parkway Classic 5k. Monday I’ll head back out again and return Friday. That first weekend in May will hopefully harbor my longest run to date and at least 6.5 miles (so I know I can complete the quarter marathon). I’ll also be traveling the week prior to the race. Yes, that’s right, three weeks of work travel in a row.

That means I’ll be spending a LOT of quality time with the hotel gyms. I want to finish this race — that may mean getting up early for runs or running when I really don’t feel like it. I need to make this happen!

Anyone have any tips on how to cram training into a work travel schedule?

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