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Baked Potato FAIL

I learned my lesson tonight about running after dinner. Around 6, I had a delicious baked potato with fake butter, 2% cheddar and some salsa. It wasn’t a big potato. Maybe the size of 1.5 of my fists. I figured two hours off and plenty of water would yield decent results.

I’ve never been more wrong. I lucked out (and so did the people using the treadmill behind me) and didn’t puke potato onto the machine but my 3 mile planned run conked out at just over 2. I was a bit disappointed but I suppose the big victory is the lack of vomit in my life.

I suppose the logical reaction here is to either eat a MUCH lighter dinner or rush to get in a run before dinner. We’ll see how that works out.

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Sticking like a champ to my new weekly running goals, I hauled myself down to the gym Friday afternoon to pound out a 5k. The run wasn’t the best, but I made it happen. I keep having two problems and anyone with any ideas/solutions/suggestions is totally welcome to make them!

Problem 1: At least once a run I get a cramping feeling either along my collar bone or in my side. I’ve heard there are breathing tricks to getting ride of these. What are they? Anything else I can do to run cramp free? Sometimes I just want to stop because the cramps are so uncomfortable! My legs aren’t tired, I’m not breathing too heavy — it’s just ouchy.

Problem 2: Burps. I’m still not sure how to fuel properly before runs. Sometimes something works wonderfully but the next time I try it, it’s awful. I cannot run on an empty stomach — ideally, I try to have a snack about 1-2 hours before I run. But half the time I end up burping like crazy during my runs. This is not motivational at all! I do not want to re-taste my banana, peanut butter bread, granola bar, etc. What works best for you with pre-run fuel? And how long before you run do you eat?

Hey, at least these are problems because I’m continuing to push myself to run longer and faster. Before, when I would run a mile and quit I didn’t have these problems because my body wasn’t pushing it. However, I’d love to have a run without cramps and burping… seriously!

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