Married? MARRIED!

Long time no see huh? It has been equally as long since I’ve worked out, but let’s allow the past to stay in the past!

My absence and lack of exercise was all for a good reason: I went back to  Georgia for a week, got married, spent a week in Jamaica and am now adjusting back to the real world. I go back to work tomorrow and that means back to eating right too. The vacation is over (as much as I loathe to admit it).

My most exciting bit of news (work out/health food related) is about stuff! Yes, stuff! Tom and I are blessed with amazing friends and family who surrounded us with so much love and support for our wedding. It was one of the best nights of my life and so wonderful to just look around and know everyone there has love for you. Really cool. In addition to their love and support, people are generous. We have SO MANY new kitchen gadgets and toys in general that I can’t get over it.

We haven’t broken most of it out yet as we’re moving to a new apartment within our building in about two weeks. (Let the packing commence!) However, we have some seriously awesome goodies and I cannot wait to start cooking things with them — I’ve already been daydreaming! A friend also got us two blender ball smoothie/shake carriers (cannot wait to take green smoothies to work) and a GARMIN 305!! Whoop whoop! I’ll definitely be testing that bad boy out before the move. In fact, if the box is still unopened come Sunday night I would be VERY surprised.

More to come, soon!

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