Pre-Atlanta Excitement

Another pre-Friday has rolled around again. The best part of Thursday comes at about 6:45 in the morning for me. I ride the train to work and the station I get off at has a particular street performer playing a spanish guitar every Thursday morning. As soon as I get on the escalator to head to street level I can hear him strumming away. It’s such a happy sound and always puts me in a good mood. One day, I’m going to put a twenty into his basket as a thank you. Maybe I can talk him into coming on Mondays?

Last night, I hustled home and enjoyed a 32 minute incline work out on the treadmill. Apparently the gym fairy came to visit my apartment complex while I was at work yesterday because all four treadmills are back in working order! After my 2.15 mile walk, I headed (with burny legs) over to the weights. I decided to ease myself back into weights so I spent some time working my upper body. My arms felt like jelly after about ten minutes, so I called it a night. (No one likes to be overly sore, much less overly sore on a plane!)

I took my library books back while Hubs whipped up dinner. I had a delicious smashed potato (nuked until soft and then mashed up with a little slice of butter, a pinch of salt, a little cheese, and 2-3tbs of salsa) and another Husband vegetable creation. I could smell something delicious as soon as I stepped off the elevator and I was SO happy to discover that said delicious smell was coming from my apartment! Hubs roasted green beans with onions after tossing both in a little olive oil, some minced garlic and a little lemon zest. Amazing — I wanted to get in the bowl with the veggies.

One of the books I returned was The Lonely Polygamist.

I really enjoyed Udall’s writing style. He paints pictures with his words and jumped effortlessly between a variety of characters and their viewpoints. Polgymy in writing is always so interesting (I read and enjoyed The 19th Wife last year and highly recommend it) so I was drawn to this book. It’s a lifestyle I could never even imagine; I mean, I grew up as an only child. It was just me and my mom. The thought of having dozens of siblings and potentially multiple moms really stretches the imagination for me. I wasn’t so much a fan of the protagonist and found him weak and fairly dislikeable. But the children and the wives kept my attention through all 600 pages. Definitely not a beach read, but worth checking out.

I’m currently reading two books: Freakonomics and Philippa Gregory’s newest book, The Red Queen. Both have me hooked within the first dozen pages, so I’m feeling pretty positive about my current reads.

I’m taking both books to Atlanta with me. I’m so weird when I travel — I’m always afraid I’ll run out of books to read. I’m known to overpack books. 🙂 When I was little, I used to read everywhere and I always brought a back up with me in case I finished the first book. The weather forecasters have been talking about severe weather this afternoon/evening as well. I’m hoping our flight is late enough that the skies have stormed themselves out; but just in case there are delays, I certainly don’t want to be caught book-less at the airport!

Neither Hubs nor I are enthusiastic flyers, so I’m hoping for clear and easy flights to and from Atlanta. That will ensure that I don’t white knuckle the arm rests the entire way there. Hubs hates take off especially and I hate landing – I suppose it’s good that we balance each other out. However, sometimes our fear compounds when we both get a little panicky. I’ll be attempting to keep my cool this evening.

Time to work, work, work! Come quitting time I’ll be jetting out of here to run home, grab our bags and then meet Hubs at the airport. Can’t wait to see my friends and family and celebrate my Mama’s birthday!! I’ll probably be MIA for the weekend, but I will play blog-catch up when I return.

Are you a fearful flyer like me? Or do you enjoy the “friendly skies”?


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4 responses to “Pre-Atlanta Excitement

  1. I enjoy the friendly skies! Except when my backpack is SO freaking heavy because I, like you, overpack books! It’s like they won’t have reading materials where i’m traveling! LOL

    Those books sound interesting – great review. I’ve never ready about polygamy (i’m assuming watching Big Love doesn’t count!)

    • I think books are a sickness or something for me! I’m totally guilty of having an extra book or two with me and then I’ll stop in at one of the airport bookstores and pick up something else. Ridiculous!

      If you’re interested in one of those two polygymy books, I would definitely recommend 19th Wife for the first go round. It reads quickly and mixes in crime elements (kinda in the style of John Grisham or James Patterson). (Ha ha ha about Big Love — I totally need to add that to my netflix queue!)

  2. I LOVE flying. Esp if I’m treated to first or business class. And love the movie marathons. 😉

    I’d love to hear your review on “The Red Queen”. I recently saw “The White Queen” by the same author, and was wondering if it’s any good.

    Have a great weekend!

    • Ooo lucky you – I’ve never sat in anything but Coach!

      Philippa Gregory, in general, is one of my favorite historical fiction authors. Her stories stick to the generally known facts about people and time period, but she really develops people that seem one dimensional in history books. Red Queen & White Queen are 2/3 of her latest trilogy. I read White Queen back when it came out and really enjoyed it — it traces the story of upstart queen Elizabeth Woodville. There’s a decent amount of reference to sorcery/witchcraft in the book that adds an extra dimension. I would totally recommend checking it out (esp now that it’s fairly widely available at libraries and out in paperback)!

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