Lurking on my camera

In looking to upload my pictures from our little get-away this weekend, I stumbled upon about three months of pictures. So instead of telling you about my run right now (it was awesome) or detailing our amazing weekend away, I bring you pictures!

Early Fall 2010 036
Hubs enjoying Dan and Kelly’s annual Luau.

Early Fall 2010 143
Things got a little out of control/an 80s and early 90s dance party broke out.
Early Fall 2010 161
Hooray Luau! (Me, Hubs, Tim, Andrew, Sarah, Dan, and Kelly)

I took a work trip to Atlanta.
Early Fall 2010 179
(Yes, this is the view from my hotel room.)

And then to New Orleans.
Early Fall 2010 188
True Story. Middle of the Day & PASSED OUT!

Early Fall 2010 192
Fell in love with beignets and chicory coffee.

Oh, and VA Beach was awesome!
Early Fall 2010 206
Early Fall 2010 214
Early Fall 2010 210

Okay y’all, that’s enough for tonight. (Well, maybe one more.)

Early Fall 2010 217

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