My Dream Race Plan

Last night, I had a few minutes to kill before going out for dinner and drinks with Tom’s work folks. So, I made my dream race plan. Basically I just scrolled through a Washington, DC area race calendar and picked the ones I want. If I have any say so, here’s what I’ll be running in the next six months:

April 25: GW Parkway 5k (Tom and I are already registered to this)
May 9: Pacer’s Running Festival Quarter Marathon
June 5: Susan G. Komen Race For the Cure 5k
July 4: Go Fourth 8k (5k today was canceled – planning to transfer my registration to this race)
July 24: Crystal City Twilighter 5k (who doesn’t love a race that ends with showers, beer and a party?)
September 25: Clarendon Day 10k

I figure, keeping in mind the races I want to run will keep me training. And, by gradually increasing my mileage I keep making things a little more difficult and keep upping the ante.  Who knows, maybe I’ll find a 10 miler or a half marathon that suits my fancy someday soon.

Like I mentioned, our 5k this morning was canceled due to snow. I plan to hit the treadmill for at least 3 miles this afternoon. I wish I could run outside, but I’m still not willing to chance breaking or spraining anything! I’m also aiming to run tomorrow and Monday. We’ll see how that works out. This weekend will probably be a big eating weekend (last night was, tomorrow is a friend’s Mardi Gras Party and it’s the last few days before Lent starts and I say goodbye to candy until the beginning of April). I figure a few good runs will balance things out and keep me grounded. (I’m much less likely to drink too much if I know I need to run in the morning.)

With that, I’m off. A few more things to do productivity wise and then it’s time for a date with the gym…

PS. Anyone who wants to run any of those races with me — just let me know! Company is awesome and I doubt I can convince Tom to pony up for all that…

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One response to “My Dream Race Plan

  1. I love the July 4th idea; I’ll transfer my registration to that one, too. Ditto the Twilighter and the Clarendon Day–all over that. It’s looking like I might not be in town for the quarter marathon…:o/ I’ll keep you posted.

    Clarendon’s also having the Four Courts Four Miler on March 13. Debating doing that one.

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