Birthday Week Madness

Well hello again! My first blog entry as a 25 year old. 🙂 Wednesday was a wonderful day; who isn’t in a good mood on their birthday, really?

My food choices this week started out great, but went down hill after my birthday. Bad, bad me! Let’s take a look at the goals I set for myself last week and see how I did.

1. Re-evaluate my portions: could do better. I tried to use smaller plates and think about what I was eating. Again, the beginning of the week was much better than the end. Getting back on the saddle for this week – I even measured out my food for work tomorrow.

2. Track my eats: I’m so good at this when I’m eating well. When I’m not, well I tend to hide from Sparkpeople. Hopefully this week will be full of better eats and better tracking!

3. Work it out: I completed 2/3 work outs. I had plenty off opportunities to get in that other work out but I let them slip. No excuses here – it was a bad showing.

4. Just say no: I did not ingest a SINGLE communal food treat this week at work!

5. Drink in moderation: My birthday aside, I did so-so on this. Friday night featured a 23oz Miller Lite and a small strawberry frozen marg. Saturday night was a shared pitcher of sangria. If you could remove my birthday from this picture, I would feel a lot better about my drinks last week.

If I were giving myself a grade for last week, it would be a C-. I definitely can (and need) to do better!

So, it’s a new week! I did some smart grocery shopping today and have some lunches stewing away in the crock pot. Like I mentioned above, I measured out breakfast and the part of lunch that isn’t still cooking. I even logged a work out today. It was my “first run” since the quarter marathon.

I’m trying to ease back into running. After several weeks off, I don’t want an injury or any sort. So, I spread it out into circuits: 5 minutes walking, 5 minutes running. I ended up covering  3.63 miles in 45 minutes and burning 370 calories.

Okay, so a good start to the week there. I already have planned out (ie: on my calendar) workouts for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (hooray day off)! At the end of this week, I’ll take a good look at my progress and see where I can do better again. (Hopefully the results are much more positive!)

I had dinner last night with Kelly (my partner from the quarter marathon). I adore her for many reasons — one of the reasons is her love of books and bookstores. She and I wandered around Barnes and Noble for almost two hours last night. I came home with four new books (Age of Innocence, Middlemarch, Wives and Daughters, and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest) and a desire to better “educate” myself. I read a lot but I still feel like I could vary what I read more. So, I’m making an effort to read more classics and non-fiction. Sister needs to expand her horizons a little more.

Anyone have any books recommendations?? What was your favorite book you read in school?

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