An October Friday

Two of my favorite things combine: Friday and October. What a recipe for a wonderful day!

The past few days have been busy! My boss took some vacay in Spain leaving me and coworker C to prep for our next job and train up our new staff member (coworker T). After a little doubt, it turns out we’re incredibly capable and that perhaps we even work harder when our boss isn’t around? Who would have thought? Hopefully he’s properly impressed when he returns to work on Monday!

Busy Anna = no time for posts (or much cooking, or many workouts). So, I’m here rectifying that! I actually went for my first “run” in about two months on Tuesday evening. I did circuits (cause this girl needs to ease back into running) after a five minute warm up: 3 minutes running, 2 minutes walking. I increased my speed every other circuit and covered 3.2 miles in 40 minutes. Hopefully I can get enough work done before lunch that I can squeeze in another “run” during my lunch break. My body doesn’t really seem to enjoy running but I love the feeling when I’m done. No other work out I’ve ever tried leaves me feeling the way I do after a run. I also have some race goals and other running related desires so I need to get back on the horse. No more excuses about the heat because fall is settling in nicely! Also, new coworker T co-leads a running group and keeps inviting me to join. I need to not embarass myself when I go!

I cooked yesterday too! So that Hubs could have some dinner (we were all out of leftovers), I put together Kelly’s Enchilada Bake that I mentioned a few posts back. Two servings were frozen immediately — hello lunch next week! Hubs said it was yummy for dinner and I’ll be trying it out for lunch. This weekend we have plans to put together some soup (pumpkin, lentil, veggie??) and poppy seed chicken.

Other things? The third disk of Glee arrived for me yesterday! I can’t wait to find a minute or two to watch an episode. I love that show! I also love finally getting my money’s worth out of Netflix again. I’m so guilty of just letting a movie or disk sit here for a month or two. Oh, and I have a million shows I need to catch up on! The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl! So, moving through Glee makes me happy and speeds me to more lovely tv.

The cold weather is leaving me with crafty urges. This always happens. October arrives and BOOM someone needs to take me to a craft store ASAP! Blair has promised to teach me to knit — we’re talking knit, pearl, cable, and socks! (Socks will be key as Hubs and I often don’t use our heat in the winter. We live in a high rise apt building so it never gets ridiculously cold but a soft, fuzzy pair of socks could definitely help!) Some of the girls at work have also been talking about beading classes. There’s a cute little bead shop down the street from me in Old Town that offers classes on necklaces, bracelets, earrings, you name it. I could use some more jewlery and if I get to make it myself and socialize while I do it? Even better!

Oh yes, and books — my always obsession. While I’ve been plodding through Anna Karenina (still 250 or so pages from the end – ah) I’ve found about a billion new books I want to read. I keep hearing about Hunger Games (on hold at the library) and Operation Dark Heart (newly edited by the Department of Defense). My to-read list on Goodreads is ALWAYS growing. I’ll read a book or two and feel good about taking them off the list — but by that time I’ve added about ten more. 🙂 I need to figure out how to sneak more time into my day to read (work out, cook, bake, knit, catch up on tv). Can someone clone me?

This early October has me excited! Tomorrow I’m headed to meet up with other DC area bloggers for delicious salads and froyo. I’m a little nervous about it (please like me!!!!!) but I’m also looking forward to meeting some amazing new folks. There’s delightful football (and hopefully a Georgia win) and friends coming over for dinner as well on Saturday. Next Friday ushers in a four day weekend (and our trip to VA Beach) so I cannot wait. Cannot wait! Also, highs this weekend won’t get into the 70’s. Hellooooo Fall Weather!

Do you knit? Crochet? Craft it up in any way? What is your favorite? (And, do you wanna come teach me how to do it?!)

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  1. Hunger Games IS awesome. I LOVE all of your hobbies and energy – learning to knit?! So cool! I don’t know how but really want to learn how to sew! Glad you liked the recipe – love enchilada bakes! (well really bakes of any kind!) I’m so glad it’s October too!!! And great job on that run!

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